Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chicago's Pacific Garden Mission

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Dedication of new Pacific Garden Mission building, special tours, speaker, luncheon, Unshackled! broadcast, scheduled for October 13

By Michael Ireland, Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (ANS) -- The doors of the Pacific Garden Mission doors first opened on September 15, 1877 and have been open every day since for over 47,500 consecutive days -- over half the time the United States has existed and spanning the terms of 25 US presidents.

America's largest continuously operating rescue mission is set to vacate its State Street location after 84 years during the 130th anniversary of the Mission and the 57th anniversary of its Unshackled! Radio Broadcast.

Now, after years of prayer, planning and construction, the big day for Pacific Garden Mission to move into its new building is quickly approaching.

Landscaping is almost complete at the site of the new PGM building.
The Mission, America's largest continuously operating rescue mission, will dedicate its new building at an Open House on Saturday, October 13, 2007, 10AM to 5PM at its new location, 1458 S. Canal Street, Chicago. All are welcome -- no reservations are necessary.

It's a joyous and exciting time for PGM as September 15 marked the Mission's 130th Anniversary and September 23 marked the 57th Anniversary of the award-winning Unshackled! radio series. After being located at 646 South State Street since 1923, the Mission eagerly anticipates bringing all of its ministry services under one roof.

The Mission is required to move due to action taken by the City of Chicago under the law of eminent domain. Relocation will allow expansion of the adjacent Jones College Prep High School. In a process spanning several years, the City of Chicago helped PGM to locate a suitable site about a mile from its State street location.

Started at 386 S. Clark Street by Colonel George Clarke and his wife Sarah, the Mission began in a little storefront room. They later moved to a space vacated by the Pacific Beer Garden, calling it Pacific Garden Mission at the suggestion of evangelist D. L. Moody. That address was 100 East Van Buren Street, later changed to 67 East Van Buren.

In 1923 evangelist and former professional baseball player for the Chicago White Stockings [later to become the Cubs], Billy Sunday, donated $42,000 to enable the PGM to move to 646 South State Street where it has been ever since.

David McCarrell, Pacific Garden Mission President, noted, "There's a lot of history here, but we've really outgrown this facility. We changed a lot of lives - those who used to be homeless have moved on and are contributing to this city and the country."

The new structure will increase capacity by over 35 percent from 97,086 square feet to approximately 150,000 square feet, of which 145,551, or 95 percent of the space, will be devoted to residential space and services, including dormitories, clinic, dining area, auditorium, bathrooms, showers, and classrooms.

Once relocated, PGM will be able to accommodate over 950 people each night, including approximately 200 women and children. Larger quarters will also allow the simultaneous feeding of over 600 people [a 400 percent increase from the current 150] and the seating of 600 in the auditorium [up 240 percent from the current 250].

Foto caption two: 'The new PGM bulilding features solar warming panels.

Located in Chicago, one of America's Ten Greenest Cities, the new Pacific Garden Mission building will be the first such green rescue mission in America and will serve as a prototypical mission with a number of self-sustaining elements. It will contain energy efficient and environmentally beneficial features, including 100 solar panels, courtyard, ample insulation, energy efficient heating/cooling, greenhouses, material conservation and recycling.

An inner landscaped courtyard and plentiful windows will provide fresh air and sunshine without the need to be on the streets. The functional three-story concrete structure, easily accessible from Chicago's central city area, was designed to meet LEED [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design] Silver Certification requirements of the US Green Building Council. Chicago Richard M. Daley, long an advocate of green building in Chicago, plans to attend the October 13 Dedication.

Greenhouses which will be used to grow produce for the Mission will also serve as training grounds for men and women to learn horticultural skills. Stanley Tigerman, the renowned Chicago architect who drew up the plans for the building, is passionate about the work of Pacific Garden Mission. Mr. Tigerman stated, "Instead of warehousing people, the greenhouse is an attempt to bring [homeless] people back into society by giving them jobs."

David McCarrell added, "Though our services have expanded and grown over the years, our mission remains the provide for the spiritual and physical needs of those to whom we the name of Jesus Christ. As we continue to rely on God to provide in the future, we are also confident that our ministry partners, the individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations that faithfully support PGM, will stand with us through this important time."

Guests may attend all or part of scheduled activities. Ample free parking is available adjacent to the Mission building. Bulletin inserts are available for churches and groups by calling 312/922-1462.

The October 13 Grand Opening/Dedication is scheduled from 10AM-5PM:

10:00AM Mission Open for Tours

11:30AM-1:00PM Complimentary Buffet Luncheon

1:00-2:30PM Dedication Service: Dr. Louis Barbieri - Keynote Speaker &
Professor & Chair Dept of Theology, Moody Bible Institute

2:30-3:00PM Refreshments Served

3:00-4:15PM Live Production of Unshackled! radio program

For more information or to make a donation, contact Pacific Garden Mission at 312/922-1462 or visit or [Construction photos and architectural renderings are available for downloading on both websites]

Media Contact: Tony Rufo at 630/682-0517

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Networking Prayer in Lake County

Prayer 3Greetings!

Never Quit the Fight!

Ralph Peters' most recent book by the above title speaks of the war taking place in Iraq of which the stakes are extremely high not only for America, but also the world.

He's a brilliant strategist and thinker in regards to global conflicts. When going to war you go to win! Peters states, "we have to maintain a strength of will equal to that of our opponents. War demands consistency, and we're the most fickle great power in history. We must focus on defeating our enemies, brushing aside all other considerations."

I do not believe this man is a believer, but he's speaking our language as far as spiritual warfare is concerned. The stakes are high (lost souls and unity of believers in Lake County). In regards to this life as a Christian, we're at war whether we believe it or not. Prayer is warfare. Life is war. But one thing about this spiritual war is we have holy armor and all heaven's backing (Ephesians 6:10-18). Victory was declared 2000 years ago at Calvary. Our prayers must be postured in that victory! Therefore as one writer comments: "Prayer is striking the winning blow...service is gathering up the result."

Let's break down Peters' assessment of war:

1. We have to maintain a strength of will equal to that of our opponents.

A prominent speaker wrote this, "We find that the greatest resistance to God's kingdom on earth is not the power of darkness, but the human will." NEVER QUIT! In prayer, you stand united in Christ's victory over battles and issues. Our strength of will must go BEYOND that of our enemy.

2. War demands consistency.

We must be vigilant in prayer, DAILY. We can't hide or run from the battle! Remember, our enemies don't take breaks or holiday leave from their agenda of killing, stealing and destroying us (John 10:10).

3. We must focus on defeating our enemies

Look to the Captain of the Lord's host. He leads the way. When you battle together in prayer with the Captain, you WIN! You defeat the enemy through prayer and obedience-our speech and actions.

Let's continue to pray--strike the winning blow and in our serving this county, we'll gather up the God-ordained results!

When We PrayA city-wide or county-wide prayer movement will never be any stronger than the prayer in the local church.

When We Pray on Saturday, October 20, 2007
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Lakeland Evangelical Free Church
440 North Hunt Club Road, Gurnee, IL 60031 847.856.1240
This prayer gathering is a blend of people from various churches all across Lake County. We pray for the needs of the county and all churches. We encourage everyone to come and share in this special time of prayer and worship for our communities here in Lake County.

All Night PrayerPrayer for Muslims

All Night Prayer Vigil for Muslims

October 5-6, Friday - Saturday

8:00 pm - 6:00 am
Lakeland Evangelical Free Church
440 North Hunt Club Road, Gurnee, IL 60031

Prayerfest for Sharefest - 30-Day, 30-Churches

Prayer 4We're asking churches to sign-up for a day of prayer and fasting for ShareFest during the month of October. We encourage people to pray from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm in 30 or 15 minute time slots. Check out the ShareFest website ( and click on the "county-wide activities" and view the various churches who have signed up. If your church is not involved, why not send them this email or contact Debbie Stackhouse for more info.

Prayer Requests

Lake County's Economy

· Families caught in the subprime upheaval.

· There are a couple of major corporations/businesses in our county who are looking to close or move out of state.

· Churches that are affected by the economic downturn. Some are feeling the financial crunch.

Answers to Prayer

At our Into Flame conference we mentioned the need for a 24/7 prayer center in Lake County. Revival Temple, downtown Waukegan, was in the process of starting a 24/7 prayer center, but needed $15,000 to complete the work. The rooms are gutted and in need of drywall, flooring, etc. Prayer stations will be set up and each day of the week will have a different prayer theme. A very generous person was moved by the announcement and donated $5,000.00 towards the completion of this prayer center. What's important is that this prayer center is located at the "county seat." We know that prayer shapes the world-and counties.

Michelle Van Loon's Mother Called Home

After being diagnosed with cancer, Michelle's mother was transferred to a hospice. She resisted the gospel for years, but during this time at the hospice, the Lord surrounded her with Christian nurses. Then this past week she prayed the sinner's prayer! The Lord is amazing and faithful. Michelle's mother died Saturday at 1:00 pm. Continue to lift Michelle and her family in prayer during this time.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Do You Have a Desperation for Transformation?

If you have a desire to see the Chicago land area changed for Christ, you are in the right place. Coming to Desperation for Transformation will be a time of birthing and growth within the hearts of area leaders. Through this conference and the teachings of John Mulinde, we will see Kingdom minded individuals challenged to operate in the power of prayer to bring about true change. Join us, and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lawndale's Wayne Gordon onPBS

One of the stories RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY will be covering this week. Every Friday evening, new stories are uploaded to the Web site at:

Lawndale Community Church
When Wayne Gordon first moved to the North Lawndale community, located on Chicago's Westside, more than 30 years ago, it was one of the poorest neighborhoods in the U.S. As a recent graduate of Wheaton College and Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Gordon had come to the Lawndale area to coach high school football and wrestling. But what he found was high school students who lacked an interest in church and God. So he and his wife began a Bible study out of their small apartment. Today their ministry to a handful of teenagers has grown into a congregation of a thousand people and a mission to save the neighborhood.

Robert Jordan talks to Pastor Gordon, founder of Lawndale Community Church, about his efforts to revitalize his Chicago community -- not only through his ministry -- but also by providing quality housing, health and educational services. "Church is not about being in here. Church is about doing something in our neighborhood," Pastor Gordon explains. "We want every human being that lives here to be able to stay here but to have a quality of life that will make a difference in their life."

Read more about Lawndale Community Church at:

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Friday, September 07, 2007

ABC News Anchorman Moderates Chicago Forum

Who will Moderate the for ACT 3 Forum Event

Alan KrasheskyWe are pleased to announce that Alan Krashesky, anchorman for ABC News 7 in Chicago, will be the moderator for our ACT 3 Forum in Naperville.

More information about Mr. Krashesky.

More information about The Roman Catholic and Evangelical Dialoge

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Praying For & With Emerging Leaders

I am on the planning committee for the Chicago Re:Load. ReLoad ( is a 1 day conference that is held in 20 cities around the nation, a local version of the national conference for urban youth workers sponsored by the Urban Youth Workers Institute ( ) Speakers & partcipants include Phil Jackson (of Tha House), Danny Lopez (formerly of Evangel Assembly & now Lopez Out Loud), Brian Dye (Vision Nehemiah/ Urban Youth Network), Marvin Daniels (KAA), Larry Acosta (UYWI), Ginny Olson (North Park University) and many others.

Chicago's conference is Saturday April 5, 2008, from 8:30a-3pm, (2 general sessions, worship, lunch & 2 workshops, with a planned bonus session ending around 4:30pm)

A suggestion i had was to have something called "Unload", where at any time during the conference, attenders could go to a prayer counselor. We're even suggesting that people skip a seminar (at least 10 options, which would be high quality) if they need prayer -- it's that important. We would love it if you and anyone you know that would be appropriate could come and volunteer. If they could even come for an hour, that would be great.

You may have gotten an e-mail from me about this in October of 2006 for March 2007's conference. Unfortunately, i didn't get the response i had hoped. I only had one other person with me to pray for the over 400 who arrived (another 100 attempted to come from out of state, but couldn't due to the snow that friday). I would love to have 18 prayer counselors (6 per 3 & 1/2 hour shift). If you can't make it or are not interested, i would appreciate a referral to someone else who you think might be interested.

To get a sneak preview of what that will look like, there is something called "Preload", which has a general speaker and only 1 workshop, and an optional lunch. That is happening THIS SATURDAY, September 8, from 8:30 pm - 12noon (lunch follows Preload)

For more information contact myself at or 312-282-2809, or also contact Chicago's coordinator,

Alison Burkhardt
Assistant Director, Center for Youth Ministry Studies
North Park University
3225 W Foster Ave
Chicago, IL 60625-4895
773-244-5207 phone
773-244-5218 fax



p.s. We would also love to have someone coordinate the prayer aspect of the conference. Let me know if you or someone you know might be interested. Thanks again!

JP Paulus
Networking Chicago & beyond...
312-282-2809 = cell
773-783-3970 = landline
jp (at)

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

National Prayer Leaders @ Chicago Conference

I want to invite YOU to join me and the Eagles' Wings Team for a special upcoming gathering in the Chicago area in November!

This November 8-10, our fall Eagles' Wings Midwest Conference, "Overcoming Faith," will be held in Bolingbrook, IL, with special guests LOU ENGLE of The Call, DAVID BUTTS of Harvest Prayer Ministries, Indiana, and JULIE MEYER of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Make plans NOW to join us for this breakthrough gathering!

A special luncheon with Lou Engle and Robert Stearns, for pastors and those in any type of full-time ministry leadership, will be held on Friday, November 9, at 12:30 pm. Space is limited; tickets can be purchased for $15 per person by calling 1-800-51-WINGS.

In these important days, let's unite as one Body of Christ and proclaim that together, with our God, we will overcome!

Shalom, Robert Stearns

Living Water Community Church
190 Lily Cache Lane
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Host Pastor: Ken Hansen
Guest Ministers: Lou Engle, David Butts, Julie Meyer

Thursday, November 8
7:00 pm Session

Friday, November 9 and Saturday, November 10
9:30 am Session
2:00 pm Seminar
7:00 pm Session

Pre-service worship and intercession begins one hour before morning and evening sessions.

Evening sessions are open to the public.

Call 1-800-51-WINGS and mention that you heard about the conference from the EWM Report, or visit

OCTOBER 26 is the last day to register with the early discounted rate.

Registration rates: Individual $39 / Couple $64 / Ministry Leaders' Luncheon $15

Individual and couple registrations at the door are an additional $6. Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable; cancelled check is proof of registration.

Childcare is available and will be provided for infants - 3 years old, for evening sessions only, 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm, beginning on Thursday night ($7 suggested donation per child, per session).

La Quinta Inn Bolingbrook
225 W. South Frontage Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
$75 per night
*Reserve by October 11, ask for the Eagles’ Wings rate

Eagles' Wings Ministries
PO Box 450, Clarence, NY 14031
Ph: 716-759-1058 - Fx: 716-759-0731
Visit us on the web at
To subscribe to this or other Eagles' Wings e-mail updates, visit...

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Workshop to Strengthen Your Team

Resolving Conflict Workshop

Does your team …
  • Exhibit a high level of trust?
  • Move on quickly after disagreements?
  • Engage in healthy conflict?

Register now at

You’ll discover …
Ø Your own primary style of conflict resolution and how to build on it
Ø Healthy ways of engaging in conflict
Ø How to move past personal issues to business issues
Ø Principles for making conflict constructive

Where: The Centre of Elgin, Pioneer Room (100 Symphony Way, in Elgin)
When: Tuesday, September 18 from 8AM to 9AM
How much: $15

About the Presenter:

John Barcanic is the President of Barcanic and Associates, a firm dedicated to growing companies by growing their people. John has developed and taught numerous management seminars and is known as a highly effective communicator. As a Registered Corporate Coach with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, John has developed several innovative coaching and assessment tools including the nexStep™ and LeaderMentor™ programs.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Back-to-School Prayer Rally ~ Over 100 Kids & Parents

On 8/31/07, wrote:

This year the annual back to school prayer rally hosted by Community Prayer Circle was held at the Bethlehem Temple Baptist Church in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Rev. Dr. J.C. Smith is the pastor.

We were blessed with numerous heart felt prayers, several skits dramatizing common situations in school, mime, praise dancers, steppers and the combined Sunbeam and Youth choirs. All from BTNW as this location of the church is called. The attendance averaged near one hundred children and parents. To God be the glory. Ann

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