Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chicagoland Pastor Invites You To Major Conference

Dear Chicagoland Ministry Leader:

Greetings in the name of Our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. I am picturing you now as I sit to compose this letter at this time of year. I’m guessing that like me you are hard at work getting ready to launch out into the new ministry year. You’re probably feeling the wait of plans to be finalized, materials to be ordered, staff to be trained and a lot of other preparatory type stuff. Does it hang over your head at times like it does for me?

I totally don’t want to add another thing to that list. It’s just that I know how empty it can be to get to the end of a busy ministry season and realize that you have neglected the thing that matters most of all; namely your own relationship with the Lord. In fact that’s the reason we launched our Straight Up Conference Ministry. It seemed like there were so many conferences available to help with your planning and technique and strategy but not much to help me with the matter of greatest importance. It’s so easy to find ourselves preaching and leading others about what we are not doing personally. Let’s purpose now to keep that from happening by committing to come and bring some other key ministry leaders to Chicago in early October, the 1st -3rd to be exact. I am deeply impacted by the statement of Jesus in John 15:5 "Apart from me you can do nothing." Do you believe this? I not only believe it, I have experienced the "nothing" of work apart from Him. Have you? Why not add the Straight Up Conference to your fall planning right now? You will be joining me, and hundreds of other pastors and Christian leaders who insist on spending 2-3 days every year seeking the Lord personally.

Joining me and Dr Joe Stowell to teach God’s word and report on their own fruitful ministry founded on having a primary focus on God and His Word will be Bob Coy from Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale and Jack Graham from Prestonwood Baptist in Dallas. These men pastor two of the largest and fastest growing congregations in the country. They know the struggle of prioritizing your own walk with God in the midst of ministry leadership pressures. By choosing to register today you will be saying in affect:

  • A vibrant personal relationship with Christ is my highest priority
  • I want to join with other ministry leaders who believe as I do
  • I want to lead those entrusted to me in keeping first things first

The conference is now just six (6) weeks away. I can already hear Matt Stowell and the Harvest worship team leading us all in worship and stirring our hearts in fresh love and adoration of God. Thanks for prioritizing a conference like this, I look forward to seeing you there with some of your key leaders. It’s going to be a powerful time of drawing near to the Lord. To find out more about Straight Up or to register click here or call 866-398-7005.

Hoping to see you very soon, Pastor James MacDonald

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Back to School Prayer Rally

CPC is sponsoring a Back to School Prayer Rally. Please come.

Two locations: Bethlehem Temple Baptist Church, 1030 Nerge, Elk Grove Village or James Memorial Christian Academy, 911 South 6th Avenue, Maywood Illinois.

Both on Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 4:00 PM.

Pray with us for a God blessed 2006-2007 school year. In Christian love, Ann Evans, CPC secretary

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United Prayer Can Transform - Chicago?

The Worship Fest is a great undertaking for New Life Covenant and we have always received resistance from the community with what God has called us to do, but today those who prayerwalked witnessed that God is truly preparing the soil for us. We did not face resistance, but acceptance.

I believe God for an outpouring in our community and the time is more right now then it was ever before. The power that united prayer has can truly transform a city and I am a witness of the fruits of the intercessors labors.

I pray that you will join us next Saturday as we hold a Concert of Prayer and then follow it with another blessed prayer walk in Humboldt Park.

I encourage you to inform other intercessors about what we are doing. I am copying other intercessor's as a way to seek much needed prayer coverage. We really are in desperate need of volunteers, prayer warriors, and sponsors and I believe that if we can come together as One, the church of God will truly be a force to be reckoned with.

I am honored to have met some of you. It brings me much comfort and encouragement to know that my passion to stand in the gap is shared by so many.

Please visit the website for more information. Next week for 5 days the Prayer Chapel will host a 24/5 prayer vigil in preparation for the Worship Fest. Please call me if you are interested. Refer to the below email for prayer events and my contact information.

"Did you ever notice that the world is always waiting for the church to mess up? Our division and inability to unite and meet on common ground, fuels this resistance towards the church. If we were to one day unite as One Body, raising only the name of Jesus, what would the world say then? It is our prayer that the world would say that Jesus truly is Lord and then receive Him into their hearts. Let us then reflect the Trinity.

God bless you Brothers and Sisters in Christ.My name is Katherine Torres and I am the coordinator of His Will Prayer & Intercessory Warriors ministry and the Director of the Prayer Chapel at New Life Covenant Church. My role for the Worship Fest is to organize and facilitate prayer and intercession before and during this event.I am looking for Prayer & Intercessory Warriors to join this team. There has not been much interest from those who signed up to volunteer at the Worship Fest and our very own prayer warriors are currently committed to doing multiple tasks before and during this event already.Below I have provided a list of scheduled prayer events in preparation for this very momentous occasion in our communities history.If you know anyone who has a passion to pray and stand in the gap, please send them my way. My contact information is enclosed below.YOUR ROLE-participating in prayer meetings, a concert of prayer, a prayer vigil-prayer walking before the event- fasting for the event- prayer walking and praying for people around the community during the event- interceding at strategically placed tents in and around the park during the event- interceding at ministry tents (food, convoy of hope, etc.) during the eventIf I sent this to you an error, please forgive me. Please pass this on to someone who would be interested in volunteering or attending the event. Please go to the website for more information.

SCHEDULED PRAYER EVENTSSaturday, Aug. 19,9am-10am Prayer at 1665 N. Mozart10am-11am Prayer Walk at Humboldt ParkSaturday, Aug. 269am - 10am Concert of Prayer
10am - 11am Prayerwalk at Humboldt Park (new!)Monday, Aug. 21 - Friday, Aug. 2524/5 Prayer Vigil and Fast at the Prayer Chapel (hourly increment reservations required. Contact Katherine Torres for address and reservations.)Thursday, Aug. 317pm - 9pm Intercession at the Prayer ChapelSaturday, Sept. 29am - 10am Prayer at 1665 N. Mozart (might be changed)Monday, Sept. 48am - 10am Before the event prayer and intercession (more details to follow).

Praying Hard & "FINISHING STRONG",
Katherine TorresHis Will Prayer & Intercessory WarriorsMinistry Director & Prayer Chapel Manager
New Life Covenant MinistriesVoicemail: (773) 384-7113 x300

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Friday, August 18, 2006

30 Years of Service to Chicago

SCUPE (The Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education) celebrates 30 years of service to the city with an entertaining evening of spirited music for all to enjoy. Renowned jazz pianist Willie Pickens will be featured in the celebration concert, Friday, October 6th, 6:30 pm at St. James Cathedral, 65 East Huron Street in Chicago. Other talented performers include: Sue Conway, Robert Haigler, the Voices of Innocence Children's Choir from Chicago's Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church, and Artistrings. A special reception will follow the concert. Tickets are $20.

To purchase tickets or obtain additional information, please contact the SCUPE office at (312) 726-1200 or email

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

United Prayer for Chicagoland Congregations

God is honoring this region when we unite in prayer for each other across denominational lines. If you prayed once or 30 times in the thirty day call to pray for Wheaton Christian Center, God answered your prayers! Praise God and thank you so much for a successful night of Holy Fire at Wheaton Christian. Below is an e-mail sent to me from Pastor Paul Arthurs who wanted me to share with you his church's heart felt gratitude for all your prayers:

The Night of Holy Fire was marked by prophetic worship and united prayer. It was wonderful to see the spirit of God move freely in the hearts of God's people, as they humbled themselves in His presence. We believe that only eternity will reveal the strongholds that were broken over the region and people's lives that must now give way to the dynamic move of the Holy Spirit. We thank God for answered prayer through those who said yes to the call of intercession. The following week we witnessed unprecedented miracles of spiritual renewal at our Men's Conference and waves of supernatural outpouring continue to astound. God is definitely doing a new thing at Wheaton Christian Center.

Paul Arthurs Asst. Pastor

You can hear an audio sample from the evening on our home page and see some pictures and hear more audio on the WCC by clicking here.

Two Announcements:
1) Our Next Night of Holy Fire will be for New Life Covenant Church in Chicago. We will inform you as soon as a date is decided on.

2) On our web-site we have just opened a link that publishes the prayer needs of the ministries and churches of the northern Illinois region, as well as individual prayer needs and postings of whatever the people of prayer believe God is telling them in answer. It is our desire to be the go-to place for those who have a heart to pray for the Church in this region and want to know what the needs are.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Harvest Offers Straight Up Conference

Straight Up Conference - October 1-3, 2006

Straight Up Ministry Leadership Conference For Pastors and Ministry Leaders Fruitful Ministry Founded on God's Word October 1-3, 2006 "By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so... [More]

As a pastor or ministry leader, you are being overloaded on a daily basis…visit this person in the hospital, lunch with a key leader, counsel a couple in marital crisis, meet with your staff…additionally you are constantly being bombarded with messages about what YOU must do to maximize your ministry…try this program, perfect this ministry strategy, add this staff position.

Straight Up calls us to take our eyes off of US and to direct our hearts and minds back to Christ as the only source for true ministry effectiveness. We need Him first and foremost in all we do.

Our conferences and training days provide a place to be with other pastors and Christian leaders who want what you want – to serve in a ministry that’s fired up about God.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Connecting People of Faith. Building Communities for Work

Connecting People of Faith. Building Communities for Work.
WorkForce Ministry would like to announce the following upcoming events! These events are being held by our friends and partners at many churches in the Chicagoland area.
We encourage you to try to attend one of these events and encourage others to get involved in their church!
If you would like to see your church's events featured here, please send an email to or call (888) 849-7481 x6!
Crossroads Church of Hillside
Hillside, IL
Women's Ministry Workshop: Doing Ministry in the 21st Century
Sept. 16, 2006, 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
This event is presented by the Midwest Baptist Conference
Center for Women's Leadership Enrichment

Crossroads Church of Hillside
Hillside, IL

Register online:
Faith Community AME Church
Elgin, IL
2nd Annual Guests, Friends and Family Day Worship
August 13, 2006 at 11:15 A.M.
Otter Creek Elementary School
2701 Hopps Road
Elgin, IL 60121
On this day our services will stream live on We will open our Coffee and Croissant Cafe in the lobby for use between Sunday School and Worship Service.

Wheatland Salem United Methodist Church
Naperville, IL

Pelican Harbor
August 16th
6th – 12th grade For more information call 630-904-1035
WorkForce Ministry
Connecting People of Faith. Building Communities for Work.

WorkForce Ministry is owned and operated by eWorld Employment, LLC
© 2006. All Rights Reserved.

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Taize Service of Spiritual Renewal

In this busy world - punctuated by the sounds of traffic and the demands of our schedules and "to do" lists - I am pleased to invite you to join my church and me at a Service of Spiritual Renvewal on SATURDAY, AUGUST 26TH at 5:30 p.m.

This is a Taize (tah-ZAY) Service....a nondenominational service that has been around since the end of World War II. Taize features music...Music that is reflective, quiet, simple and beautiful. Musicians will be playing the flute, oboe, harp, piano and guitar - just to name a few! Taize has been called "spiritual jazz." The Word of God set to hushed tones. There will be a brief opening and reading of Scripture and the emphasis is your enjoyment of the peace in the Sanctuary. As with all Taize services, there will be an interlude of quiet time. The service is intended to offer you respite, thought and sacred time with God.

Communion will be offered.

We hope that you can join us at ST. PHILIP LUTHERAN CHURCH, 1609 PFINGSTEN ROAD, GLENVIEW, IL. For directions or further information, please call Pastor Eric Dawson at (847) 998-1946 or reach me at home (847) 509-0487.

The prophet Isaiah said: "He gives power to those who are tired and worn out. He gives strength to the weak." Come as you are and leave refreshed, renewed and at peace!

In His Grace: Carol Grosz

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

ROLE REVERSAL - Christian Slavic Community Persecuted !

Sacramento’s Slavic Christians fled persecution back home, but some are befuddled by their new country’s tolerance of gays

By Rachel Gregg

Over the last few months, the loudest voice against gay rights in Sacramento has been that of Sacramento’s Slavic Christian community. Outside of area high schools and on the steps of the Capitol, hundreds of Slavic families, many recent immigrants, have been gathering to protest what is considered a shameful secret in their home countries.

The irony is that they fled those countries after being persecuted for their own religious beliefs.

Eighteen-year-old Nadia Chorney is a Ukrainian native and evangelical Christian. She’s already a veteran activist, fighting against “promoting homosexuality in our schools.”

As a youth leader in her Marysville church, she participated in a number of political actions this spring. She stood in front of the Capitol to protest the passage of Senate Bill 1437, the bill that would have required California textbooks to acknowledge the historical contributions of gay people.

But most of her political activity has been centered around protesting the “Day of Silence” instituted by the Sacramento City Unified School District Board to combat harassment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students in public schools.

Chorney, who believes that “homosexuality is a sin,” was among the many area high-school students who wore anti-gay T-shirts to school on April 26, the Day of Silence. According to Chorney, school administrators demanded that she and other students turn their “homosexuality is a sin, Jesus will set you free” T-shirts inside out. School officials also confiscated anti-gay leaflets from Chorney and other students.

Frustrated by what she felt was an infringement of her First Amendment rights, Chorney gathered with other students and parents for three days in front of Mira Loma High School to protest. READ FULL STORY - warning - link is for mature readers only!

ALSO read Pacific Justice Institutes defense: CLICK HERE ***
"Slavic Christians Demeaned for Free Speech Activities, Urged to Leave U.S."

~ CCNews ... please pray for the Slavic community - protection, diection and favor. Pray the whole Church of the Sacramento community will stand with them and encourage them. This is not a time run and hide, but to stand and having done all to stand in the LORD and His strength.

Affiliated with City Reaching of America !

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Unity + Worship = Evangelism

Come Join the Convoy!

Come join Convoy of Hope, New Life Covenant Ministries Israel Houghton, and El trio De Hoy in Chicago's very first Worship Fest, taking place this Labor Day, Sept. 4th, 2006! You definitely don't want to miss it!

Lend A Hand At Worship Fest...

Volunteer @ WorshipFest!Destined to... truly change the lives

of hundreds, if not thousands of people

in the Chicagoland area.

And the best thing is that you can be a big part of it!

===>Click headline to access website . . .

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Truthing-in-Love Evangelism

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ…” Galatians 3:28, 29a (NIV)
Chicago “Gay Games VII” Outreach (GGO) Report

Let me 1st of all thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for planting the GGO idea in my heart and then granting me the courage and the partnerships to follow through.

Let me also thank our financial sponsors such as The Moody Church, Illinois Family Institute, Illinois Baptist State Association, Chicago Metropolitan Baptist Association, Good Samaritan Church and a host of generous individual families.

I thank God for the Pacific Garden Mission which served as one of two distribution centers for the GGO. Dr. Fuder of the Moody Bible Institute served to encourage me by spreading the vision among his students and other partners.

I thank God for the brave and selfless men and women who volunteered their time and energy to carry out the vision. The UBC Staff was valiant!

Together we purchased and distributed 150 T-shirts, 4 thousand Gospel tracts, and 10,000 specially labeled bottles of water to the thirsty souls of the “Homosexual Community” or the community where same sex attraction is practiced and encouraged.

In the excerpts below I will share some of the many emails I received which stirred my heart in fervent prayer and action.

  • “Thank you Pr. Allen…for a breath of sanity and sensibility on this matter. More preachers like you and the word homophobe would wither and die. I am a 71 year old Gay man who has been in a monogamous relationship for 25yrs. Proselytizing and missionary work are perfectly acceptable avenues for churches to follow in their work with homosexuals…I wish you luck…If you convert (if that is the right word) 1 or 10,000 Gay men that week more power to you…you and your approach to the issue stand a much better chance of success than the hate-filled diatribes…Roger Hickey
  • From National Guardsman Derek Torres serving in Iraq responding to my letter to Prs. Hybels and Meeks, “I feel like I have received a swift kick in the rear from 6000 miles away. This is a touchy issue, because in reality this is exactly what we have been training students for, yet this is not the kind of thing that I would get them into w/o much prayer and hesitation, because the homosexual proponents are probably better prepared to defend their point of view than we are, because as American Christians, we don’t have as much at stake…this is a perfect opportunity to get the elder Christians in our congregations to show what they have learned by sitting in the pews while their kids went out to learn about evangelism. May God bless your plans…”

    • From James Cappleman also responding to my letter, “As a gay man who loves Jesus, I want you to know that this statement you made is simply off the mark for men and women everywhere who have same sex orientation. As a young child, I pleaded, begged, and prayed earnestly that God would change me and make me normal like my friends…I’ve come to the conclusion that if God was going to require celibacy for gays and lesbians everywhere, he would at least have the decency to give a reason for it…That all said, I am delighted in your presence in Uptown. You are the very first church leader in decades who understands the meaning of being a good neighbor to the community. It’s refreshing to witness a church leader who does not participate in the polarization that is encouraged in Uptown.”

    • From Bob of the Gay Liberation Network, “The call has gone out from a heretofore little known creep apparently attempting to establish himself as a player in the antigay bigotry crusade. Pr. Allen is yet another African American eager to become part of the odious offensive against equal legal rights for other oppressed women and men, many of them African American victims of ongoing American racism just like Allen himself…Allen casts his call for a hate greeting for Gay Games attendees as one of love…They begin with a belief that their god created only heterosexual men and women, which leads them to vehemently demand that we be denied our equal civil rights in such things as employment, housing, and of course access to the civil contract of marriage.”

    • From Nancy Jacques a GGO volunteer from Harvest Bible Chapel who was part of an outreach group at the U of C Aquatics Events on opening day, “There was another woman to whom I gave a bottle of water and told her we were with a Church group and wanted her to know of Jesus’ love. About 10 minutes later she came out and was heading to her car when she turned and asked, “What’s your view on homosexuality?” Pr. Allen responded that we believe what the Bible teaches. She asked, “You mean that it is an abomination to God?” Pr. Allen said, “Yes.” She then shook her head in amazement and said, “Why aren’t you guys mean? Why are you so nice about it?” Pr. Allen responded, “Jesus does not command us to be mean or nasty but to speak the truth in love.” She thanked us and turned toward her car.

    • From Suzanne of Moody Church, “I had 2 different “Gay Christians” I don’t know come up and commend me for doing something positive. I had a dozen or so people purposely say they didn’t want any of my water. However, I gave away 7 cases in a short time and everyone was quite friendly. Because I’m from Oak Park, I had 2 gay friends walk by and talk to me for a while, plus one straight Christian friend form Calvary Church pull up in her car and commend me.”

    • Mark King of Seminary Ave. Community Church, “We finished up with really only positive interaction, when we were approached by the individual who had been preaching. He asked us what we were doing. We said we were trying to show the love of God. He plled out his Bible and asked if anyone could show him where it says to give water to Sodomites. He said if you read the book of Acts, not one time is the love of God mentioned. He said if we really wanted to do some good, we should be confronting and preaching repentance. We listened to hi and tried to show him love and respect as well. He refused our very last bottle of water. In the end he left saying that if we give wter to Sodomites we would receive a sodomites’ reward. It’s funny, I went expecting to get some negative reactions from one side and the only negative interaction came from the other direction. There is a time and place for conrontation and certainly repentance is a Biblical and necessary component of the Gospel. Our mission tonight was to overcome the pre-conceived notion of many in the gay community that “Christians hate us” and to encourage them to take a look at the website which presents the gospel fully. You can pray for those who received the water and for this street preacher as well.”

    • Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park – Pr. Andrew Irvin led Calvary in prayer walks Monday – Thursday during the GGO from 6:30AM – 11AM and again at 4:30 PM

    • From Tom and Yvonne Gunderson of UBC – Pray for Hugo from Argentina, Greg from New York covering the games with the media. We apologized to some of the athletes for the way in which the Church sometimes tries to communicate to Gospel in a very offensive manner. Chris, a Tennis player, said that this meant a lot to him…We found most people gracious, receptive to listening to what we had to say, and it was like John Greene of Emmaus predicted during the training, “they are here to celebrate the sports and enjoy Chicago…

    • From Mary Tompkins and Mindy Cobb of UBC, “We went to the Hilton on Michigan Ave for 2 ½ hrs on opening morning of the GGO. As spectators passed by they received our water and wanted to know why we were doing this. We told them of Jesus’ love and our love for them. They were so appreciative. Others said, “I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you moms have come out here to let us know you care. Thanks for doing this it really touches my heart.”

    Here’s an incredible letter from an amazing woman of God, Suzanne Jarzabowski,
    “Dear Pr. Allen, I just read your "Open Letter" regarding the Gay Games coming to Chicago this weekend. I am writing to express my gratitude and support for every single word and thought you expressed in that letter. I want to thank you for stepping forward in what I believe is clearly a spiritual battleground.
    This issue is very close to my heart because my husband of 16 years has become trapped in sexual addiction and homosexuality. I hope you don't mind, but I would like to share a bit of our story with you. Perhaps it will help you to put a "face" on one of the people you are trying to reach. Every single one of the people involved in the homosexual lifestyle comes with a family attached to them somewhere. My family has been wounded in the battle. We have also experienced the incredible healing touch of God in a way we never would have had this not entered our lives.
    We have recently divorced, however I would like you to know that I loved my husband (and I still do) and that I did not divorce him out of hate or anger, but with the hope of reconciliation. To most people that probably sounds crazy, but I know that with God nothing is impossible. I truly love my ex-husband and my dearest hope is that his heart will be restored and he will again be in a right relationship with God. That is first and foremost.
    As horrid as these past two years have been, I wouldn't trade one minute of it ~ if it meant going back to the kind of faith I had before. Through all of this, God has brought me to a place of total dependence on Him.

    During the last year of our marriage, my husband had many, many anonymous homosexual encounters. He engaged in repeated risky behaviors without my knowledge, putting both of us at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. Prior to this, over the course of several years, he lost multiple jobs as a result of his addiction to internet pornography and "inappropriate" behavior at work. He struggles with anger/rage and self-control. I have learned that this is very common to people who struggle with same sex attractions…
    Perhaps one day my marriage will be restored...perhaps that is not part of God's plan. I don't know. I will trust Him. One thing I do know is that there is a battle all around us and we are each called to participate in some way. Sometimes God calls us with a little nudge. Other times God makes our lives impossibly uncomfortable until we finally give up and engage. From what I have observed, the hardest part is knowing how or when to engage in the battle. We often want to charge in and make it all better ~ our way. I have learned that one of the keys to being useful in God's kingdom is to learn to wait on His timing. It hasn't been such an easy lesson to learn.

    Through this struggle, God has taught me that His definition of victory is different from my definition of victory. A clear shift in my perspective came as a result of this revelation. My idea of victory for us was simple ~ restoration of my husband's heart and reconciliation of our marriage. I figured this was also God's plan, I mean it looked so right ~ it HAD to be God's plan....right? And it was a good plan ~ but because it was only my plan, it was just too limited. I have learned that God's idea of victory is so much greater than that. It amazes me that He saw fit to sustain my family with not only continued faith but increased faith. That is victory....

    In addition, my children's faith has increased...our reliance on God for every decision is becoming second nature. Our trust in Him to provide for all of our needs is increasing daily. While their father on earth continues to remain lost, their Father in heaven has clearly shown His steadfast and unwavering love and my children are blossoming. That is victory...
    This story isn't over. So, in the meantime, I will be waiting and watching to see more and more of God's plan revealed ~ but now, I am not alone ~ God has blessed me with wonderful friends and family and my church has been amazingly supportive. The truth is, we were not created to fight our battles all alone. We need each other.
    I just want to thank you for responding in obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to reach out and speak God's truth in love to this particular group of people. I believe accepting God's perfect love is the only hope for any of us…”
    • This concludes my report. There are many other reports that could be given but I wanted to give you a sample of what God in in the through us all. While I do not know of anyone who was genuinely converted by the Spirit of God due to our efforts, I must believe that many seeds of the Gospel message were sewn into the hearts of men and women from around the world. May God be glorified to add His holy “Sonshine” and divine water to bring about the increase. May many of those seeds take root and bear fruit that remains.
In the Master’s service,

Michael N. Allen, Sr. Pastor

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Prophetic Evangelism Workshop & Outreach

Prophetic Evangelism Workshop and Outreach

A Time Of Impartation, Activation and Demonstration

Come and be challenged as you are launched out to preach the gospel while allowing the power and the gifts to flow in a greater dimension; even in new ways. Come expecting God to use you for His glory. All you need is sensitivity to the Spirit of God and a compassion for the lost/

Crusaders Ministries, Department of Evangelism
Crusaders Ministries, Prophetic Company

Workshop Schedule and Description

Friday Session Part I Begins at 7 pm
August 11, 2006
Service begins with praise and worship followed by workshop training

Saturday Session Part II Begins at 8:00 am
August 12, 2006
Service begins with praise and worship followed by workshop training and activation.

Saturday Outreach Ministry Begins at 2:00 pm
August 12, 2006
Site Location: Washington Park, 55th Street and King Drive, Chicago, IL (Near Fieldhouse)
(Outreach event in conjunction with Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic scheduled for that day)

Workshop registration is FREE.
LOCATION: Crusaders Church
3821 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

DATE: August 11th - 12th, 2006
TIME: Ministry Begins Friday at 7 pm

Crusaders Main Office Phone: (773) 637-2121

Although the workshop is free, pre-registration is requested in order to obtain an accurate count for workshop materials. The outreach is a follow up to the workshop that we may see God's power in demonstration and soul salvation for life transformation. Please call 866-857-9880 detailed workshop or outreach information.

Hope To See You There!
Evangelist Darlene Cothron
Crusaders Church Evangelism
phone: (866) 857-9880

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PBS Cover Story: Megachurches in Chicago

BOB ABERNETHY anchor: A special report today -- an update on megachurches, the huge evangelical, often nondenominational, Protestant places of worship with 2,000 or more members. Their numbers have doubled in the last five years from 600 to 1,200 nationwide. And now, more and more, a single church may become a megachurch by having branches at several locations. Judy Valente reports.

UNIDENTIFIED PASTOR #1: I want you to shout out as we begin to worship our God today.

JUDY VALENTE: Willow Creek Community Church outside Chicago -- the stereotypical megachurch, one of the oldest and best known. Twenty-thousand people attend the various services each week.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #1: Good morning, New Life Community Church.

VALENTE: Some 20 miles away, in Chicago, New Life Community Church. This congregation itself is small, but it's only one of several worship sites that New Life has around the city. Total membership is 2,500.

ReverPhoto of Palmieriend JOHN PALMIERI (Pastor, New Life Community Church):

There'll be churches that are struggling, going through difficulty, the doors are almost ready to close, and they'll touch bases with us -- this has happened in the past -- and say, "Hey, can you do ministry here?"

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