Friday, August 29, 2008

Seeking the Peace of the City

Christian Community Development Association Conference

Hyatt Regency and J L Knight Center ~ Miami, FL Oct. 22-26, 2008

Don't miss this unique, low-cost seminar designed to create worship that reflects the richness of the cultural diversity around us.

“He is Our Peace: Shalom in the Church through Music and Worship”

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Who is CCDA? an ethnically diverse, national and international network of thousands of Christians working to restore underserved communities.

What’s the Conference All About? Every year, CCDA members and others of goodwill gather to learn from each other through teaching and workshops, discover new resources, network among friends and new acquaintances, worship together and visit ministries to see what God is doing locally. This year’s conference theme is “Seeking the Peace of the City”. Scripture says that when God created the heavens and earth, He wove it all together like threads to form a complementary, interdependent and useful whole. This webbing together of God and humans with all creation to create universal flourishing and wholeness is what the Hebrew prophets call shalom or peace.

Think for a Moment - What it would be like to live in a place in which everyone - individuals, families, neighborhoods, churches, organizations, businesses, even the environment were all knit together like threads in a tapestry to create healthy and whole communities? During the conference, we’ll explore the meaning and implications of “shalom” and how it relates to our lives and families, congregations, communities, our nation and the world.

An Invitation - Because you want to more effectively serve your neighbors, we’d like to invite you to join us for this exciting event. Come discover how to strengthen and use your “threads” (skills, gifts and resources) to help re-weave the fabric of your community where it’s come unraveled.

More Info: -

If you have questions, feel free to call 786.388.3000

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catalyst Forum: Assessing Church Culture - Transformational Churches - Evangelism ...

Dear Pastor,

You have seen first-hand how the Church (big “C”) can work together to make a bigger impact on our community in the name of Jesus.

Our Catalyst FORUM on November 20th is a bold attempt for us to take a good hard look at our culture, our practice, our desired results, and what needs to change to see they align!!! Bottom line, we want more disciples of Jesus in our world – the church is the vehicle for reproducing those disciples!

That is why you are so important. Catalyst seeks to aid you in your Kingdom pursuits – together with other fellow pastors and leaders.

Will you consider using the FORUM on November 20th as a strategic way to develop your team and your leadership? In addition, will you cross the street and invite the ministry partners in your area to join you? As you know – there is NO COST for the FORUM – it is a gift from partner churches that seek to share their resources so we all can benefit.

Use these cards to invite any and all those God’s brings to your mind. Many business leaders will gladly take _ off if you ask them to join you for a strategic event of this nature.

I look forward to seeing you on November 20. Pre-register online at

Together in Christ,
Bill Yaccino, Executive Director of Catalyst

The "Forum" is a gathering of pastors, community leaders, and change agents with a common desire to see the church active in the world.


David Kinnaman ~ The State of the Church in America Today
David Kinnaman, is the author of “unChristian: What a New Generation Thinks About Christianity… and Why It Matters”, as well as the President and strategic thinker of The Barna Group. David’s research is likely to influence the church for years to come. Our desire in asking David to share it with us is to benefit from the research and perspectives offered as they shape the church’s response. If the perceptions of Christianity are going to change, it will begin with leaders in the church embracing the current reality and leading the way forward.

Kevin Ford ~ Becoming a Transformational Church
Virtually every church in the United States is currently in the midst of transition, some of it painful, some of it positive. Some are in decline, and in desperate need of transformation. Other churches are struggling to keep up with growth. Some are ready to build or relocate, while others are struggling to adapt to a postmodern culture. Many churches have reached a plateau and need to get to the next level, while others are trying to keep people connected in the midst of phenomenal growth. The bottom line is that transition is tough. Is your church on the right track? Kevin Ford will facilitate everyone present and touch the essence of what it is to be a biblical Christ-centered missional community of faith.

Kevin Ford is the Chief Visionary Officer and Managing Partner of TAG. He is the co-author of The Thing in the Bushes...Turning Organizational Blind Spots into Competitive Advantage. His newest book, Transformating Church was released by Tyndale House Publishers in 2007.

WS-1 3D Evangelism: Engaging Others in Life Changing Conversations
Garry Poole, Evangelism Director, Willow Creek
This class will RE-vitalize your zeal for reaching people for Christ, RE-define your concept of evangelism, and RE-ignite your relational intelligence and conversational skills. Discover simple ways to connect with spiritual explorers more easily and naturally engage in conversations that make a lasting impact.

WS-2 Soul Care for the Leader
Mindy Caliguire, President, Soul Care

WS-3 Leading a Transformational Church
Kurt Andre, Sr. Advisor with Kevin Ford and TAG
This workshop focuses on exercising leadership with the intent to transform. What does this mean? What does it look like? How do you do it with out blowing up the ship? Kurt Andre brings experience and examples to the forefront so you can have your leadership context in mind when determining next steps.

WS-4 Website Solutions
Scott Swoboda President,

WS-5 How to Adopt-a-School
Catalyst Adopt-A-School Team

WS-6 Principles of Christian Community Development
Noel Castillanos, Ex. Director, CCDA

WS-7 What Do Your Facilities Say to Visitors?
Jim Rodgers, Project Manager Wildesign Group Arhitects
Would you attend a church with a message out front that says, "This church is a cold, confused club and you probably won't like it here?" Few of us would. In fact, you're probably wondering what church would be dumb enough to put that on the church sign. But the message is not on a sign. It's the message sent from the appearance, layout, and circulation of the building. And it screams its message louder and more consistently than a sign ever could. Learn how to discern the messages your facilities are sending.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Advance the Christian Tradition

Noted author and speaker Steve Brown will help ACT 3, a mission for advancing the Christian tradition in the third millennium, celebrate its seventeenth anniversary. This special event is open to the public. Steve is a long-time friend of Dr. John H. Armstrong, the president and founder of ACT 3. Steve is the featured speaker on the nationally syndicated radio program Key Life and the author of ten books. He also serves as a professor of preaching at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida.

There is no charge to attend this event but an offering will be received. You will also hear the story of ACT 3 and learn how this unique ecumenical mission is seeking to meet the challenge of equipping Christians and churches to live as faithful disciples and communities in the new millennium.

September 5, 2008 | 7:30 p.m.

Barrows Auditorium, Billy Graham Center

Wheaton College, 501 E. College Avenue, Wheaton, IL 60187

ACT 3 Luncheon Forums | Michael Quicke, Speaker
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - 11:45 am
» Length: 1 hour 30 minutes
» Location: Holiday Inn
» Location Details: 150 S Gary Ave
Carol Stream, IL 60188
Map-it with Google Maps

ACT 3 Luncheon Forums

The ACT 3 Luncheon Forums provide a series of meetings designed to equip and encourage Christians. Speakers will address a wide range of topics.

ACT 3 Luncheon Forums Card in PDF Format

These meetings include an opportunity to get to know other Christian leaders from the Chicago area and to engage in lively conversation.

Speakers include professors, former professors and authors. Each specializes in some way in the subject they will be speaking on at the luncheon. Space is limited so register today.

Cost includes meal (including soft drink, tip and tax) and the event.

Please register for this event online or call (630) 221-1817 during normal business hours, or by e-mail to:

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Special Seminar ~ Leading through Prayer

 Leading Through Prayer

Pastors and Ministry Leaders Invited

One Day Seminar, Thurs. September 11

Special Guest Speaker: Pastor Dee Duke

Learn to walk so intimately with God that you will see Him fulfill His dreams

in and through you

“Leading Through Prayer" is a one day seminar with special guest speaker, Pastor Dee Duke of Jefferson Baptist Church in Jefferson, Oregon. Pastor Duke has been the senior pastor for 32 years and has made prayer the central focus of his church. Jefferson Baptist has grown from 25 to 1300 worshipers in a rural community of 2200 people! He has had the joy of starting 3 daughter churches with a fourth due to begin in September. Make the time to attend and hear how God changed his Life, his Leadership and his Ministry.

Seminar 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, a Love Offering will be taken

Registration 8:30 am ~ Lunch Provided

At International Teams, 411 W. River Road, Elgin, Il.

Hosted By Elgin Pastor's Prayer Group ~ Info at 847- 695- 5133

Special Sunday Evening Service, September 14, with Pastor Dee Duke

Open to the Body of Christ, 6:00 - 7:30 pm at Grace Evangelical Church

1800 Bowes Road, Elgin, 847-742- 6818

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Annual ALL Churches Parade in Chicago

The Annual ALL Churches Parade will be Saturday - August 23, 2008. The Parade will start promptly at 10:30am. at the corner of Laramie and Division in Chicago. The parade will continue down Laramie to North Avenue to Cicero and back to Lafollette Park where we will be having a high praise Revival/Convention Service.

We will have floats, praise dancers, bands, choirs, clowns, puppet shows, tumblers at the Parade and Convention. We also will have special anointed speakers at the event.

If you have questions, please contact me at work at (312) 653-6125 or my husband Apostle Dada at (630) 372-5845 or (630) 201-8293 cellular. Thanks so much and God bless.

Dorothy Dada

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Responding to Personal & Community Crisis


Crusaders Church Evangelism and Grace School of the Nations


Faith Based First Responders

Two Classes One Weekend

Training Dates:

Friday, September 12, 2008


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Assisting Individuals In Crisis This two day course has very carefully infused biblical principles, truths, and mandates for the purpose of training the faith-based community in fulfilling the directives of Jesus Christ to respond to the spiritual and emotional needs of individuals in crisis. It blends traditional Christian values and philosophy with established psychological stress management methodology to achieve a cohesive balance to better assist the Christian mission mandate. Upon completion you will you get a certificate that is recognized by the United Nations around the world. Our instructor is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress also Certified in Acute Traumatic Stress Management and is a Certified Trauma Services Specialist. Friday 8a-5p & Saturday 8a-3p Early Bird Special: $100.00*

Faith Based First Responders Orientation Incident Command (IC) is the standard command structure taught by FEMA and all other major response agencies. You will learn this and how to set up a feeding and distribution center. Gain a better understanding of what to expect in almost any response agency across the board. Our instructor has responded to disasters around the USA and abroad including...9/11 pentagon, Ground Zero NY, Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami in Sri Lanka, and has been a beacon of hope in the midst of devastating tragedies. He has earned Pastoral Crisis Intervention (PCI) certification through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) and has years of experience in providing aid and assistance in times of crisis.

Saturday Only 8a-3p Early Bird Special: $60.00

* Early bird special good until two weeks before event, more thereafter

Both courses conducted at:
Ruach Covenant Church International
6150 West North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60639

Courses held in cooperation with Christ in Action
Call to register or for a full brochure - 703-368-6286 or ===>Click headline to access website . . .

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