Saturday, March 29, 2008

God's Reign in Our Cities

The Congress on Urban Ministry is only two weeks away !
Affordable Daily Rates!

Reflecting on the many challenges facing our urban communities, you may be wondering, “Who will lead us? Who can we send?” Instead, we challenge you to think about ways in which YOU can change YOUR communities and help reveal God's reign in our cities. Join us April 15 - 18 at Chicago's Fourth Presbyterian Church as we seek ways to create redemptive communities , release prophetic imagination and engage in justice, reconciliation and restoration.

Wednesday $90, Thursday $90 and Friday $50

Register Today!

Daily Highlights

In order to make Congress attendance possible for more people, SCUPE is now offering a one-day registration option. It’s simple: $90 for Wednesday, April 16; $90 for Thursday, April 17; and $50 for Friday, April 18. The opening plenary session on Tuesday, March 15 at 6:30 pm is free.

Wednesday begins at 8:00 am with Morning Bible Study led by Rev. Otis Moss III, followed by the morning plenary session with Alexia Salvatierra. Workshops take place both before and after lunch, followed by the 3:00 pm Caucus for Action. In the evening, we welcome Peter Kenyon, community developer from Western Australia, as our plenary speaker.

Thursday starts again with Rev. Otis Moss’s Bible Study at 8:00 am, followed by a plenary address from Young Lee Hertig. Once again, pre- and post-lunch workshops take place, followed by more Caucus for Action meetings. Thursday concludes with an evening plenary address by philosopher Anthony Weston.

Friday morning concludes our Bible Study series by Otis Moss, again at 8:00 am. After a final workshop, networking and tour of Congress exhibits, we will hear from Rev. Dr. John Kinney, Dean of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, in our concluding plenary session.

Just select the day(s) that best fit your schedule and either register online or send us your completed registration form indicating the day that you are attending, along with an appropriate check. If you have any questions about online or mail-in registration, contact Congress Registrar Dody Finch at (312) 726-1200, .

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Karitos '08 HIghlights Arts in Church - Pastors Invited as Guests!

Conference Highlights Importance of the Arts in Today’s Church

Long ignored by many church leaders, the arts are now playing a key role in growing churches across the country. A Chicago conference that has been equipping Christians for ministry through the arts is extending an invitation to Senior Pastors to be their guests and learn more about this powerful form of ministry.

The 14th edition of the Karitos Christian Arts Conference will be held July 31-August 2 at Living Water Community Church in Bolingbrook, IL. With nearly 100 workshops covering all areas of the arts, general sessions each afternoon offering challenging messages by nationally-recognized speakers, and evening celebrations featuring extravagant worship and exciting performances, pastors have a unique opportunity to see the beauty and power of the arts when used to glorify God.

Speakers at this years conference include: Bob Sorge, who’s book, Exploring Worship, is considered by many to be the finest ever written on today’s worship, visual artist and sculptor Richard Hight, and actor Alan Atwood. Other teachers include Tony Payne, Dean of the Music Conservatory at Wheaton College, Theo Williams, Director of Mimeistry International in Pasadena, CA, and New Zealand native Vivien Hibbert, Director of the Worship Conservatory, a web-based training school for music ministers.

Many churches have used Karitos both as a resource when looking for a guest artist and as a place to send their own people for training. The conference site, Living Water Church, designed with the arts in mind, might be of interest to pastors considering building a new church. More information on Karitos 2008 is available on their website,, or by contacting Bob Hay @ (847) 749-1289 or

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

If Buenos Aires, Why Not Chicago?

We shared with you a little info about the now past Buenos Aires Festival. Thank you for all your prayers and emails during this amazing Festival. Luis just arrived home yesterday and couldn’t be more encouraged.

As many of you already know, Luis stayed a few extra days as a result of a last minute meeting with the president of Argentina. This was the first time the president of Argentina had given such attention to the evangelical community. It was a big step forward for the church community and for the country.

For Luis, this entire campaign was a dream fulfilled – the result of much prayer and years of hard work. But for the churches in the area – and for tens of thousands of believers – it was even more than that. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity … an occasion to let their light shine before all men and make a powerful statement in front of their friends, their neighbors, their family, and their city. It was their opportunity to share Jesus Christ on a region-wide scale.

Over the last 12 days, the Good News of Jesus Christ penetrated a city, a region, a country … even an entire continent:

· More than 800,000 people were reached in person with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

· In-depth television interviews aired on Argentina’s top secular news programs.

· More than 8 hours of continual coverage of the festival appeared on several secular news programs during the days of the festival (including several re-broadcasts of Luis’ evangelistic message).

· Live broadcasts of the festival aired in 23 Spanish-speaking countries through Enlace Television.

· More than 100,000 people were reached through Internet broadcasts of the festival.

· Cover stories appeared in all of Argentina’s top newspapers and magazines.

· Meetings with top government officials included the mayor of Buenos Aires, state and city legislature, the vice president of Argentina, and an historic meeting with the president of the nation.

· Andrew Palau shared the Good News through a unique outreach to prisoners, as well as sharing the stage with Luis at the festival on Saturday night.

· Luis and the team held an historic pastors/businessmen’s conference, focusing on the role of Christians in business and politics. The conference helped to break down several harmful stereotypes and presuppositions facing the Church in Argentina.

· More than 23,000 individuals were trained in discipleship and decision-maker follow-up.

· Successful outreaches were accomplished for women, businessmen, government officials, and union leaders.

· And best of all … tens of thousands of individuals made decisions to follow Jesus Christ.

Thanks again for all your prayers. God used our team to reach Argentina in a unique and powerful way.

All 4 Jesus, Chris

Chris McFarland
Phone: 503.614.1584

LPA Logo E-Mail

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pray for Your City/State Jeremiah 29:1-13

Click on NDP Logo to Activate

- National Day of Prayer May 1, 2008

Are you willing to commit to pray for our country seven days a week? Are you able to set aside time in your car, during your coffee break, or before bedtime? We want to challenge you make this prayer commitment.

7x7 involves praying for seven centers of power seven days a week: Government, Military, Media, Business, Education, Church and Family. By remembering these specific prayer points, we can cover all Americans with God's power.

Together, we will see positive change!

REMEMNBER Also the Global Day of Prayer - May 17 - 26

Global Day of Prayer 08


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Private Screening

You are invited to a FREE PRIVATE SCREENING of Ben Stein’s upcoming, history-making film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Opening in theaters April 2008).

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed follows Ben Stein on his journey around the globe where he discovers that scientists, educators and philosophers are being persecuted in a modern day witch hunt because they dare to go against the theory of evolution. These pillars of education are being fired, ridiculed and ostracized for merely challenging Darwin’s theory; proposing that life on this planet could be a part of some intelligent design and not random chance.

This movie provides a rare opportunity to educate everyone on issues that deeply affect our families, schools, churches, courts and the progress of science and medicine. This film truly has the potential to have a positive impact on our society.

The private screening details are as follows:

Date: Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time: 7:00PM

Location: AMC Lowes Streets of Woodfield 20, 601 N. Martingale Rd., Suite 185, Schaumburg, IL 60173


Please let us know if you are able to attend. You can RSVP now and provide us with how many guests you’d like to bring with you to this screening.

Questions, please contact Jessica at: / 310-721-7293Below I have included information about the film and some endorsements the film has already received. You can also learn more about the movie by visiting our EXPELLED Movie Resource site at:

Thanks, and I hope you will be able to make it! This is a very important project!

Paul Lauer
CEO, Motive Entertainment

About the Movie
EXPELLED, starring Ben Stein, follows Ben’s heroic and shocking journey in which he discovers that students, educators and scientists are being ridiculed, and even fired – for the “crime” of merely believing that there is Evidence of “Design” in Creation (God), and that perhaps life is not just the result of accidental, random chance.

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, is already receiving National News Coverage
(Click to view articles – ABC News, New York Times, O’Reilly Factor, Christian Post, Variety, Access Research Network).

EXPELLED exposes Darwin elitists who suppress all who disagree with them – even scientists (yes, SCIENTISTS) whose new EVIDENCE erodes Darwin’s claims. This film will allow you to:

  • Learn about new scientific evidence that invalidates some of Darwin’s claims
  • Hear from scientists who are being SILENCED for those discoveries
  • Learn how to DEFEND your belief in God based on SCIENTIFIC evidence
  • Learn what can and cannot be taught in schools and how that is CHANGING nationwide

For more information about the movie and to see the movie trailer, visit:

What People Are Saying

See all endorsements by visiting:

“I recommend the film enthusiastically! Ben Stein’s film exposes an entrenched and aggressive Darwinist establishment in academia that suffocates all competing points of view. What Ben Stein discovers in this riveting documentary is incredibly enlightening.” - James C. Dobson, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board, Focus on the Family

“What Ben Stein is doing in this film is extremely important by opening up an honest debate in the public square where people can hear reasoned arguments on both sides and make their own conclusions. I love Ben Stein” - Chuck Colson, Radio Commentator, Founder of Prison Fellowship

“We highly recommend the movie to anybody. It is not only informative and challenging—it is fun to watch. Ben Stein’s interviews with avowed atheists, is well done as he elicits responses that leave grave doubt regarding their position of absolute disbelief in a creator and/or God”. - Ken Smitherman, President, Association of Christian Schools International

“EXPELLED is an engaging film. Ben Stein has given us a powerful documentary about the widespread repression of faith-friendly scientific scholarship. Along the way, he also makes a strong case for a return to civil discourse in a time when political correctness often overshadows the search for truth”. - Ronald D. Ellis, Ph.D., President, California Baptist University

“We are seeing the consequences of locking matters of faith out of our classrooms. We applaud Ben Stein for casting light on today's challenges to academic freedom.”- Luis Palau, President, Luis Palau Association

“Propaganda molds minds in a very direct way and that is the logjam in this situation, which the Ben Stein movie, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, seeks to break through. I wish it well – I hope under God it will have a great effect just at that point.”. -Dr J.I. Packer, theologian

If you seek intellectual integrity, see EXPELLED. If you enjoy thought-provoking conversation, bring a friend. If you value free speech, tell everyone you know to meet you at the movies and spend an alarming evening with Ben Stein. EXPELLED could easily be one of the most important movies of the year." - Denny Rydberg, President, Young Life

“The movie is powerful...shocking....intense....humorous at times....well worth seeing. This message must be given to the next generation or else....” - Jack Brown, CEO, Capitol Prayer

“If the Ben Stein movie is asking these questions and if somebody is keeping us from finding out the great answers to the great questions - then maybe they are more than just questions. Maybe they are questions with eternal consequences.” - Peter Furler, lead singer, The Newsboys

Motive Entertainment | 1303 Oakgrove Place | Suite 100 | Westlake Village | CA | 91362
More News Press RoomTeaser Trailer
More News Press RoomTeaser Trailer

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Prayer Hits Chicagoland Offices

Chicago Tribune

Ministry offers prayers on the go

Christian group sees house of worship in a company's office and on the street

The basement meeting room at Park National Bank in downtown Geneva looks nothing like a church, and the eight people gathered there were dressed in business casual, not their Sunday best.

But when they got down to the work of praying for the "tri-cities" of St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia on a recent Tuesday, the room rang with religious fervor.

Half clergy, half secular businesspeople, a group called Tri-Cities Pray has met at the bank every second and fourth Tuesday since Jan. 15 asking God to guide residents' thoughts and actions as they work, educate and raise their families. On alternate weeks, Tri-Cities Pray hits the road, cruising through the communities and asking God's blessing for every home, school, bridge and business they pass.

"I've seen marketplace ministries in Argentina, Florida and Minnesota, and I know they can have a wonderful effect on the communities they serve. We want to bring that blessing to the Tri-Cities," said Tri-Cities Pray founder Bob Troendly, a retired Batavia factory owner who now lives in Geneva.

The group is the latest example of a new paradigm for Christian worship called "marketplace ministry," which uses prayer to spread Christian principles from the church into public institutions such as businesses, schools and local governments.

On this day, members prayed for the general health and safety of the communities, for the Batavia Police Department, which has had two officers commit suicide in the last year and for victims of the Northern Illinois University shootings. They also gave thanks that the Geneva High School choir had returned safely after performing at Disney World.

"There's so much to pray for here, it could be hard to keep up," Troendly said.

Occasionally business owners invite the group onto the premises, as did Joseph Slawek, chief executive officer of Flavors of North American.

"I'm very grateful these people took the time and effort to invite God into my company and pray for our success," he said. "I personally believe church has to be more than a Sunday-morning sermon, so I think it's great that they want to help people bring God into their workdays. A lot of life happens during the week. Why not ask God for help with it?"

Other local business owners' reactions to the concept ranged from enthusiastic to politely skeptical.

"I don't see how it would help, but it can't hurt," said Sharon Harwick, owner of Fabric Boutique in Batavia.

Tri-Cities Pray members hope more community leaders will get involved, especially school and civic officials.

"We're certainly not going to force ourselves on schools. We're not going to walk into a school and pray there during the school day," said group member Tony Danhelka, president of Riverwoods Christian Center in St. Charles.

"But we hope leaders in Districts 101, 303 and 304 will join us in prayer, tell us what issues they'd like us to pray for and invite us to hold community prayer meetings in their school buildings after classes," he said.

Any community group can meet in Batavia's public schools after school hours as long as space is available and the school principal consents, said District 101 Board of Education member Kristin Behmer. But board members and administrators are unlikely to join them, except as private individuals.

"We have a responsibility to the district and its students to not favor any religion over any other," Behmer said. "You can teach students about religion to a certain degree, but you can't follow any particular religion as a representative of the district."

At least one city official is applauding the group's goals.

"The idea of community members coming together to pray for the community sounds fine to me," said Batavia Ald. Victor Dietz (2nd). "I think the Tri-Cities could use some prayers. ... We open all our City Council meetings with an invocation, and we have prayed as a public body in times of grief or crisis. As long as no one forces people to participate, I don't see a problem with it."

Rabbi Jonathan Cohn of Temple Kneseth Israel in Elgin said that although praying for all residents to be guided by a Christian God is somewhat presumptuous, he has nothing against Tri-Cities Pray's efforts.

"Every religion is presumptuous in one respect or another, and evangelism is not alien to mainstream Christianity," said Cohn. "What they're doing is within their own covenant, so it will be effective only within their covenant. God bless them; I hope it works out for them."

In Elgin and Aurora, a similar initiative encourages priests and pastors of local churches to work together on charitable projects and prayer groups to benefit their communities. The Loving Our Communities to Christ program is sponsored by the evangelical group Mission America Coalition.

"We're trying to bring about a catalytic culture change in churches and communities, helping leaders who don't normally work together to focus on loving God by loving their neighbors," said program coordinator Phil Miglioratti of Palatine.

"Civic leaders are coming to realize that prayer groups have something to offer their communities," he said, "and that's going to happen in the Tri-Cities."

Danhelka said it's possible Tri-Cities Pray would become part of that initiative in the future. "The beauty of this group is that we've given God a blank piece of paper and said, 'Tell us what you want us to do,'" he said.

For now, Tri-Cities Pray is focusing on bringing more lay Christians into the group.

"When I was looking for someplace for us to meet, I purposely picked this spot because it's not a church," Troendly said. "Since so many people no longer go to church, we're trying to bring God to them where they work."
For more on Tri-Cities Pray, contact Troendly or Danhelka at

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Chicago Prays for Hollywood

There is a call for prayer and intercession. As you know Christian Artists Network is the Illinois Chapter for Hollywood Prayer Network. HPN is going to be praying for Hollywood every first Friday of the month beginning Friday, March 7Th. They are asking for Intercessors to commit to 30minutes to an hour of prayer every first Friday of the month. Attached you'll find specific prayer requests for each month. However, you may also include other requests as they come to mind. In addition, we would also like to hear praise reports and/or impressions received afterwards.
Please email with your name and a chosen time slot between 12:00AM and 11:30PM , Friday March 7Th ASAP. Also please indicate whether you would like to retain this time slot for the following months. You will then only receive the monthly prayer requests. I apologize for the late notice. This is a global project and we want to make sure that every minute is covered in prayer for 24hours.
Christian Artists Network was founded on prayer and that will always be our foundation.
Thank you so much for your faithfulness.
Yours in Service,
Allen D. Edge, Board Chairman
Christian Artists Network, HPN-Illinois Chapter

From: Hollywood Prayer Network

Thank you so much for joining us in praying for Hollywood the FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH. Know that while you’re praying, we’re having Studio Prayer Walks here and setting the day aside for prayer and fasting right here in Hollywood. Joining us means SOOOO much and we look forward to what the Lord has in store.

Here are TEN you can start praying for our mission field:

• Please pray for the professionals in Hollywood who don’t know the Lord. Ask that God would fill them up with His love, peace, sense of identity, value and joy. They are only one miracle away from having a vital faith in Jesus.

• Pray that the Hollywood professionals are protected from growing tired or discouraged as they face negative challenges in this industry.

• Pray for the Christians in Hollywood to be solid in their faith, to be salt and light to those co-workers around them and for them to see their workplace as a mission field – the world’s most influential mission field.

• Pray that the Christians get along with the other Christians. We need to love one another FIRST and then that love for each other will be contagious to the non-believers as they see our commitment to our community.

• Pray that the Lord would provide a building for the Christian ministries here in Hollywood where there can be a place for people to come get connected, and receive prayer and encouragement.

• Pray that the Christians will ask for wisdom and for depth of insight so they can pray with discernment for the decision-makers in the entertainment industry. Let the Christians get to know their co-workers and friends so well that they can pray with depth and wisdom for them.

• Please pray that God will protect the Christians and non-Christians from envy and selfish ambition. Pray for the affluent ones from becoming arrogant and that they will be generous and want to help others who are struggling.

• Pray for the celebrities who are struggling to survive and have lost their foundation – especially Britney and Jamie Spears. They need the Lord to give them stability and balance in their live, which are now out of control.

• Pray that the Christians on the outside of Hollywood will not hate the professionals here, that they won’t boycott us and our products, but they would pray for the people, the projects and the decisions being made. Prayers are much more powerful than hate letters and boycotts!

• Pray for REVIVAL in Hollywood!

Thank you so much. We’ll send you more ways to pray next month. And remember:

“If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” I Chronicles 7:14

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The Prayer Furnace of Chicago has teamed up with The Burn 24-7 to inaugurate Burn Chicago March 21st-22nd.

Twenty-four solid hours of worship/intercession led by teams from area churches. Sean Feucht of The Burn 24-7 will present the vision and model at 7:30 p.m., Friday. Come and join us as we proclaim God's worth together and cry out for our city and the nations.

For more details, see our website at

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