Friday, August 29, 2008

Seeking the Peace of the City

Christian Community Development Association Conference

Hyatt Regency and J L Knight Center ~ Miami, FL Oct. 22-26, 2008

Don't miss this unique, low-cost seminar designed to create worship that reflects the richness of the cultural diversity around us.

“He is Our Peace: Shalom in the Church through Music and Worship”

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Who is CCDA? an ethnically diverse, national and international network of thousands of Christians working to restore underserved communities.

What’s the Conference All About? Every year, CCDA members and others of goodwill gather to learn from each other through teaching and workshops, discover new resources, network among friends and new acquaintances, worship together and visit ministries to see what God is doing locally. This year’s conference theme is “Seeking the Peace of the City”. Scripture says that when God created the heavens and earth, He wove it all together like threads to form a complementary, interdependent and useful whole. This webbing together of God and humans with all creation to create universal flourishing and wholeness is what the Hebrew prophets call shalom or peace.

Think for a Moment - What it would be like to live in a place in which everyone - individuals, families, neighborhoods, churches, organizations, businesses, even the environment were all knit together like threads in a tapestry to create healthy and whole communities? During the conference, we’ll explore the meaning and implications of “shalom” and how it relates to our lives and families, congregations, communities, our nation and the world.

An Invitation - Because you want to more effectively serve your neighbors, we’d like to invite you to join us for this exciting event. Come discover how to strengthen and use your “threads” (skills, gifts and resources) to help re-weave the fabric of your community where it’s come unraveled.

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