Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chicagoland Pastor Invites You To Major Conference

Dear Chicagoland Ministry Leader:

Greetings in the name of Our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. I am picturing you now as I sit to compose this letter at this time of year. I’m guessing that like me you are hard at work getting ready to launch out into the new ministry year. You’re probably feeling the wait of plans to be finalized, materials to be ordered, staff to be trained and a lot of other preparatory type stuff. Does it hang over your head at times like it does for me?

I totally don’t want to add another thing to that list. It’s just that I know how empty it can be to get to the end of a busy ministry season and realize that you have neglected the thing that matters most of all; namely your own relationship with the Lord. In fact that’s the reason we launched our Straight Up Conference Ministry. It seemed like there were so many conferences available to help with your planning and technique and strategy but not much to help me with the matter of greatest importance. It’s so easy to find ourselves preaching and leading others about what we are not doing personally. Let’s purpose now to keep that from happening by committing to come and bring some other key ministry leaders to Chicago in early October, the 1st -3rd to be exact. I am deeply impacted by the statement of Jesus in John 15:5 "Apart from me you can do nothing." Do you believe this? I not only believe it, I have experienced the "nothing" of work apart from Him. Have you? Why not add the Straight Up Conference to your fall planning right now? You will be joining me, and hundreds of other pastors and Christian leaders who insist on spending 2-3 days every year seeking the Lord personally.

Joining me and Dr Joe Stowell to teach God’s word and report on their own fruitful ministry founded on having a primary focus on God and His Word will be Bob Coy from Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale and Jack Graham from Prestonwood Baptist in Dallas. These men pastor two of the largest and fastest growing congregations in the country. They know the struggle of prioritizing your own walk with God in the midst of ministry leadership pressures. By choosing to register today you will be saying in affect:

  • A vibrant personal relationship with Christ is my highest priority
  • I want to join with other ministry leaders who believe as I do
  • I want to lead those entrusted to me in keeping first things first

The conference is now just six (6) weeks away. I can already hear Matt Stowell and the Harvest worship team leading us all in worship and stirring our hearts in fresh love and adoration of God. Thanks for prioritizing a conference like this, I look forward to seeing you there with some of your key leaders. It’s going to be a powerful time of drawing near to the Lord. To find out more about Straight Up or to register click here or call 866-398-7005.

Hoping to see you very soon, Pastor James MacDonald

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