Friday, August 19, 2005

Citywide Outreach BIble Study

"10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible" Studies THIS FALL

Dear past (or prospective) "10 Keys" Leader,

I am writing to encourage you to consider leading a "10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible" study this fall (mid-September to mid-November). I am planning to do one, and I would like to share a few ideas that may encourage you to do the same.

Please note: THIS IS IN ADDITION TO OUR "10 KEYS" OUTREACH which will be launched for January 2006.

Although my own main reason for attempting to lead a group this fall is that I may not be able to do one in January-March or April, you may have another reason for finding that the Sept.-Nov. dates work out for you.

Let me tell you what I am planning and have begun doing to not only prepare for another group, but also to follow up with the people who attended a group with me earlier this year.

1. Contact (probably by telephone) each person who attended my „10 Keys‰ study in Jan.:
a. Encourage them to continue growing in their faith, specifically by joining another Bible study this fall. If they are not already planning to attend a Bible study, tell them about the „Adult Bible Studies & Small Groups‰ which AHEFC sponsors (see the green brochure at the Information Desks at church). I will get a copy to them for details about each study, and who to contact to register.
b. Ask them if they would like to host a „10 Keys‰ study in their home, or if they know of any friends who might like to attend a study in my (Lenore‚s) home this fall. Specifically ask if they can think of people to invite who might „like to get an overview of the Bible in 10 stimulating sessions." They should be encouraged to tell their friends that this is a non-threatening video series, and a non-denominational study of the Bible, and no one is expected to have answers to questions. Participating in the discussion is optional˜they may wish to sit back and listen.

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