Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chicago: South Side - Homeless Choir

Lifelong singer Marge Nykaza is bringing music and hope into the lives of homeless, abused, and addicted women living in shelters on Chicago's South Side. Inspired by her pursuit of pastoral studies, Nykaza founded the project "Harmony, Hope and Healing," as a way to help disadvantaged women find the path to personal healing. The program takes Nykaza to various shelters around the city training choirs -- some of whom perform in public. Judy Valente talks with Nykaza and choir participants about how this experience is making a difference in their lives. "So many women have been silenced, so they don't know their authentic voice," Nykaza explains. "So they don't recognize the beauty within themselves ... If they can come out and be themselves in front of people and sing, that's good ... It's not about the performance itself. It's about preparing the way to the performance. It's in the everyday living."

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