Thursday, February 16, 2006

Chicago Neighborhoods Become Your Classroom

Join us in Chicago for an exciting line-up of in-depth courses taught by nationally respected CCDA practitioners and conveniently scheduled in a five day intensive format.

The community is the classroom for this Leadership Institute - courses will be held in Chicago neighborhoods, hosted by Christian community development organizations – Lawndale Community Church and Bethel New Life.

For further details on program and registration, please visit the LICCD website or contact Carol Ann McGibbon.

Web: Email: Phone: 773.244.5643

•MACD 5110, Faith and Politics: Understanding Christian Engagement in Politics
Dr. Helene Slessarev-Jamir; Wheaton College * May 15-19, 2006.

Discover how community transformation happens as Christians understand and engage in key policy areas that affect the quality of life on the neighborhood level.

•MACD 5950 Gentrification with Justice: Christian Community Development through Housing Initiatives
Dr. Robert Lupton; FCS and Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) * May 15-19, 2006

Explore ways for the church to undertake neighborhood restoration through resident-based housing initiatives

•MACD 5510, Christian Faith and Community Development
Dr. David J. Frenchak; Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education * May 22-26, 2006

This course is intended to give participants an appreciation of the rich resources within a variety of Christian traditions that can form a foundation and rationale for community revitalization.

•MACD 5330, Christian Community Economic Development
Dr. Mary Nelson; Bethel New Life * May 22-26, 2006

Designed for practitioners wanting to move to the next level of community economic development.

•MACD 5320, Wholistic Christian Community Development May 30-June 3, 2006
Dr. John M Perkins & Dr. Wayne L Gordon; Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)

The course provides biblical foundations and “best practices” for congregational engagement in wholistic community development.

•The Leadership Institute for Christian Community Development
May 15-June 3, 2006
Partners: Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) * Eastern University * Evangelical Covenant Church * Master of Arts in Community Development at North Park University/SCUPE * North Park Theological Seminary * Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE) * Wheaton College *

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