Saturday, September 30, 2006

Letter Hits Several Thousand Chicagoland Church Mailboxes...

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From Phil Miglioratti (One Great City & Loving Our Communities to Christ)

I hope and pray you will give a serious read to the accompanying flyer regarding the launch of the Children's Hunger Fund Food Pak Campaign in our metro region.

CHF has a proven track record (highly rated by Forbes, no less!) of delivering 99% of donor's contributions into the hands of those who need it most; hungry, helpless children. Wonderful, but why am I telling you this?

It goes back to a meeting with CHF President Dave Phillips in a Baker's Square not too long ago. From the moment he shared their vision to "serve children in need across America and around the world," I knew his heart for compassion was authentic. After hearing the amazing success of their Food Pak program to not only feed starving kids but to mobilize sit-in-the-pew Christians into active caring for others, I was hooked ~ And this is my attempt to spread the word.

As you may know, my work locally with One Great City and nationally with Loving Our Communities to Christ, involves three strategic components: Prayer, Care, and Share. Both OGC & LC2C cast a vision for the whole Church to collaborate in taking the whole Gospel to the City, community-by-community; neighborhood-by-neighborhood. The Food Pak program of Children's Hunger Fund is a big step into that vision.

This simple campaign engages your congregation in the powerful act of feeding a needy child. Here’s how it works. Your members take a box home, fill it with the needed food items and return it to the church. CHF then collects the boxes and distributes them to the poor through their network of trained church volunteers.

As pastors lead their members to participate in the simple Food Pak program, I believe they'll find those same members increasing their awareness of the lost and the least right next door. They will better respond to the Holy Spirit's prompts to pray for their neighbors and to demonstrate the Gospel in practical ways. In other words, caring for those in need is eye-opening and contagious.

Please Care for the needs of the fatherless in our city. Conduct a Food Pak Campaign at your church. To do so, contact Bill Wigboldy at CHF Chicago: 708.769.3019 or

May we see an increase of collaborative in-Jesus'-name efforts throughout Chicagoland. And, as we do, I know CHF's simple and compelling Food Pak strategy will be a catalyst for many congregations seeking to better obey our Lord's command to bless the poor and love our enemies.

For His unifying work across our region,

Phil Miglioratti

One Great City ~ Chicagoland

Loving Our Communities to Christ

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