Monday, October 16, 2006

Prayer Focus: New Life Covenant

A Call to Prayer

SEW Ministries is holding its next Night of Holy Fire at New Life Covenant Church (NLCC) on Friday November 10. It will be held at their church from 7pm until midnight. 1665 N. Mozart Street, Chicago, IL 60647. We are again inviting the churches of the region and the people of prayer to join us on that night to worship and pray for the needs of NLCC===>Click headline ot access website . . .

To remind some of you, we pick churches and lavish them with prayerful support as an act that is designed to encourage unity across denominational lines; giving us opportunity to climb into the trenches with each other, sharing our burdens.

As a part of our usual preparation, we ask that as often as you can over the next 30 days, hold NLCC up in prayer (starting Oct 10). Pray for some of their prayer needs or all of them, pray once or pray every day until the night of Holy Fire. Included below is an extensive list of their prayer needs as they perceive them.

To listen to our worship team sing the prayer needs of NLCC as an aid to pray along with click here:

As a word of encouragement for you and the effectiveness of your prayers, our previous 30 days of prayer and night of Holy Fire, which was for Wheaton Christian Center on July 28th, was a miraculous success! They encouraged us by saying their Night of Holy Fire brought them to new levels of experiencing the Holy Spirit they had not been before. They said they attained a brokenness of spirit they never want to rise above. To learn more about the ways they were touched by their night of Holy Fire, click on the following link to view testimonials and listen to music from that evening.

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