Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chicao Bans Publicity on "The Nativity Story" !

Chicago Bans Nativity Movie From Christmas Festival
November 30, 2006 – The city of Chicago has banned advertisements for “The Nativity Story” from a local Christmas festival for fear it might offend non-Christians.

Traditional Values Coalition Chairman Rev. Louis P. Sheldon was outraged when he learned of this latest attack on Christmas: “Just when I think political correctness can’t possibly become more ridiculous, along comes Chicago’s leaders to show me there’s no limit to how insane this kind of thinking has become. Will they insist during Ramadan that there be no public discussions of Muhammad? Will they insist that Jewish Menorah’s be removed from public displays to avoid offending Muslims? Are Santa Claus and his tiny reindeer next on the list of banned characters from Christmas? This anti-religious lunacy must stop.”

In a related anti-Christmas story, a Crate and Barrel executive says the company will definitely not have its employees say “Merry Christmas” to customers. According to the company, it has atheist, Jewish, and Muslim customers. Crate and Barrel spokeswoman Betty Kahn: "We would definitely not say Merry Christmas," she said. "It's all about holiday shopping, getting together with friends and family."

“TVC supporters may want to contact Crate and Barrel and tell them why they will not be shopping at their store this Christmas season,” said Rev. Sheldon.

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