Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Amazing Grace ~ You've Sung the Song; Now See the Movie!

I was privileged Monday night to pre-screen the upcoming movie, "Amazing Grace," and I heartily recommend that you not only see the movie on the opening weekend of February 23rd, but that you invite your church's small groups, your co-workers, and anyone else you can think of to join you.

Movie is as well done as "Pride and Prejudice," with the Gospel message even clearer than in "Chariots of Fire." It's the kind of movie all Christians should support, and we can send a strong message to Hollywood
if we all get out and see it on the February 23rd opening weekend. Here is how it is described:
"the epic story of the abiding faith and uncommon courage of William
Wilberforce and a community of abolitionists...the story of a reluctant
leader called to do the impossible and the loyal friends (including John
Newton, the man who wrote the song Amazing Grace) who risk everything to
join him"

Go to for additional movie information and to view the movie trailer. Those who have already seen a screening from Tyndale have given it great reviews!! It's a remarkable story and Albert Finney (John Newton) and Ioan Gruffurdd (William Wilberforce) give awesome performances!

Your brother in Christ, Larry Kendrick The 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2006
What do a shy-but-brilliant speller, a dead Mexican guy, a street thug from Soweto, a compassionate spider, an anti-Nazi young woman, and the baby Jesus have in common? They're all in movies that we've just voted the ten most redeeming films of 2006.

What do we mean by "redeeming" films? They're all stories of redemption—sometimes blatantly, sometimes less so. Several of them literally have a character that represents a redeemer; one even includes the Redeemer. With others, you might have to look a bit harder for the redemptive thread, but it's certainly there.

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