Saturday, July 07, 2007

5,000 Prayer Coloring Books

Dear Phil:

Our very small group of Christian Day Care Providers has recently received a matching funds grant to distribute 20,000 Lord's Prayer Coloring books to inner city Chicago. 5,000 books will be distributed through the Salvation Army, an uncertain number through moody Bible Institute. All this in October 2007 just in time for including the books in any Christmas sharing programs. Ministries or church's willing/able to help distribute the balance of the books should contact Charles white ( We are asking churches who are able to help us cover POSTAGE with a gift of $5. for each 100 books but for the books themselves there is no charge, we just need help in getting them to those in greatest need.

We are even offering two $100 prizes to children who tell us: "What I learned from making a prayer jar and sticking with my prayers." There may not be enough coloring books to go around as we must distribute in lots of 100 books but ANYONE may enter the contest by visiting and clicking on "CONTEST" at the top of the page.

By the Grace of God we HOPE to repeat the project in Houston in March of 2008. We have a matching funds grant for Houston and would very much appreciate people praying that God would help us find the $4,400 needed to match this second grant IN TIME to plan the second give away. The next two cities on our list are Atlanta and Los Angeles. And then may the God of all hope help us find our way to the largest 100 cities in the nation. We are a small group with a big dream but so far God has been good to give us the help we need for a running start at this.

We are calling our giveaway "Project Pray". Hope you might help us find churches and ministries interested in distributing books. Our email is

In His Service and Yours,

J. Charles White, Project Pray

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