Friday, October 24, 2008

Do we have a prayer for Chicago, 2016?

A lot of people I have spoken with about a new model for evangelism in Chicago have expressed concerns that Chicago has not been chosen yet for the Olympics. Some know in their heart that we don't need another experience like Say Yes Chicago. Many other objections exist.

Today I read a story which can be found at the very end of an article by Walt Kallestad published by Fuller Theological Seminary. He writes about one of his parishioners:

'One parishioner named Lee told me his grandson was dying and asked me to go pray for him in the hospital. “I could do that,” I said, “but so could you.” We walked over to the altar where I gave him a small vial of oil. “Take this with you to the hospital and put a drop on his forehead. Pray that God will heal him.”

I didn’t go to the hospital to pray for Lee’s grandson, Lee did. Instead of controlling the ministry, I held Lee accountable and gave him the tools he needed to be a priest to his own family. “Grandpa is going to pray for you,” he said. The boy watched as his grandfather’s trembling hands took the lid off the vial, and listened as he said, “I pray in Jesus’ name that you heal my grandson.” Then he placed a drop of oil on the boy’s forehead. Thirty-six hours later, his grandson returned home.'

There is much more to the article if you have the time to read it. Here is the link.

Churches have become boring and irrelevant, he says. We can whoop it up and put on the glitz...and if we build it, they may come...for a while. But will lives be changed. Of all those born in the next decade...perhaps 2-billion, world-wide, fewer than 5% will ever darken the door of any church. We will need to go out into a very unfriendly world to share the story of God's grace and mercy...and His healing power.

We have 8-years to Pray and to Plan and to Prepare and to Participate. God give us the strength we need to do His will.

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