Thursday, April 30, 2009

Motorcycle Blessing Blesses Many!

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Motorcycle Sunday makes Mega Splash!

Hey Fox Valley Pastors & Friends,
I know I'm a non-biker, but in my humble opinion it was the best Motorcycle Sunday yet! As I drove up it was pouring rain and a bit cold. I thought , "bummer... Randy and his team are only going to have a few bikers today." Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. Hundreds of bikes, bikers (they do go together : ) ), cameras, young and old were enjoying the music, food, Pavilion and booths. Take a quick scroll down photo lane ( 6 photos)....

The Band keep the cheer going. Great Job Warehouse Elders and all who joined in!

Bikers of all sizes loved the day and wanted their bikes and themselves blessed for the next season.

The heart of the day was Randy's Blessing prayer. All the Christians in the group spread out to every biker. Randy was on the stage. He asked each biker to raise their hand high into the air. Get this.... 'They all did it!!!' Fantastic. Randy prayed one of the most anointed Biker Prayer I have ever heard and they kept their hand up through it all. Each biker got a 'Hope for the Highway' New Testament, cleanup clothe and a very creative tract that explains knowing Christ from the Christian Motorcyclists Association. The bikers sure took Randy's prayer very seriously and appreciated our 'laying hands' on their bikes. Praise God!

Stinger is my favorite Biker convert story

Well.... Thanks Pastor Randy and your Warehouse Team for walking your talk and sharing the gospel so clearly with a unique group of guys and gals. It was a great day.... the morning a bit wet, but the rain stopped for the 'Blessing' and the Sun came out as the day went on.... Bless you Brother!!!! Mega Bless you!!! tony

Tony Danhelka - President Emeritus
Riverwoods Christian Center

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