Saturday, May 30, 2009

How Does Collaboration Work in Other Cities?

City Strategies
Dennis Fuqua (IRM) and Phil Miglioratti (MAC), both coaches with Loving Our Communities to Christ, have co-hosted two dozen conference calls that focus on the work of God in a given city. Here are many stories of how God works through His church to impact communities for His Kingdom.
Audio files of past conference calls are available for download.

Click headline, then click on Featured Cities Conference Calls

Featured Cities' Conference Calls
Albany area, NY -- Birmingham, AL -- Boise, ID -- Boulder, CO --
Branson, MO -- Charleston, WV -- Clevelend, OH --
Coachella Valley, CA -- Corvalis, OR -- Elk River, MN --
Ft. Wayne, IN -- Fresno, CA -- Houston, TX -- Kansas City, MO -- Kitsap Co., WA -- Little Rock, AR -- 'Manasota,' FL -- Modesto, CA -- Portland, OR -- Roundtable Review -- Santa Rosa, CA -- Springfield, MO -- Tukwila, WA -- Tuscaloosa, AL --

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