Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Breakout! Chicago 2009

Hey, Everybody!

I was bummed when I left the Willow Creek Association right after we finished all the planning for this year’s Group Life Conference. I was more bummed when they decided to bag all the breakouts and do a TV-only event. It will be a GREAT event, no doubt, but what about all those great breakouts? Where is the skill training? The networking opportunity? The COFFEE?

Let not your heart be troubled. Eric Camfield and Christ Church of Oak Brook are partnering with me to host a one-day event the DAY BEFORE the Group Life Conference CCN broadcast. We’re calling it Breakout! Chicago 2009 and it’s a “two part” event:

SCHMOOZAPALOOZA! A networking event for point leaders (10:00 – 11:30 AM) is Free! (You still need to register online so we can get a head count).
Two, 90-minute Workshops (1:00 – 2:30 PM and 3:00 – 4:30 PM) with Alan Danielson, Eric Metcalf, Kaleen Marshall, Judson Poling, Sharon Swing, Jim Egli, Eric Camfield, Daniel Meyer, Greg Ogden, and me!
Workshop pricing: $29 per person OR $250 for a block of 10 tickets (like getting two for free... almost.)

I’ve attached a PDF that you can view, forward, or print as you wish. It’s got a summary of everything on one page, but if you want the full smash, go to the web site:

Please forward, blog, tweet, email, and scream news of this event from the rooftops. Invite and bring as many of your peers and leaders as you can. Register right away for SCHMOOZAPALOOZA! At and we’ll see you on Friday AND Saturday, October 23 and 24!

Dave Treat
Chief Innovation Officer
Twitter: ThinkingSmall
(847) 567-6961

P.S. Christ Church of Oak Brook and Prince of Peace Lutheran (Palatine) are hosting the CCN broadcast on Saturday, Oct. 24. There are links to their CCN Conference information on the “Other Links” page at Take advantage of BOTH of these opportunities!

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