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Birmingham Invites Us To ... Birmingham!

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Join Us in Birmingham for a National City-Reaching Conference
Dear Chicagoland Cityreachers,
On March 1-3, 2010 right here in Birmingham we will have the privilege of learning from some of the top practitioners in the city-reaching movement. I am so excited about Birmingham, Alabama being chosen as the host city for the Mission America Coalition National City Impact Roundtable.

During the three day conference on city reaching, you will hear from:

  • George Otis, Jr., Producer of the Transformations videos
  • Dr. John Perkins, Founder of the Christian Community Development Asssociation
  • Dr. Paul Cedar, President of the Mission America Coalition

The National City Impact Roundtable is designed as a learning community where 150-200 leaders from all over the nation will converge to learn from seasoned veterans and from each other about what it would take to see an entire community transformed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

You will not want to miss this opportunity to discover more from the top leaders in this movement! Register today at - the early bird registration ends January 15!
Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore, Facilitator - Mission Birmingham

Mission America Coalition National City Impact Roundtable
March 1-3, 2010
Sheraton Birmingham Hotel

The Mission America Coalition National City Impact roundtable convenes Christian leaders from all over the nation to continue learning about the process of seeing cities transformed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The specific focus of this National City Impact Roundtable is to present four identified styles of city-reaching with an accompanying "best practice":
¨ Presence-Based
¨ Christian Community Development
¨ Mass Evangelism
¨ Marketplace Ministry
Practical considerations will be made as we seek to create ways to converge and synergize the community transformation styles within a particular city.

Monday, March 1, 2010
12:00 noon Welcome Reception featuring the Mayors of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa

1:30 pm Plenary Session #1: Presence-Based City Reaching Stream presentation featuring George Otis, Jr.

6:30 pm Southeast Regional City Reaching Best Practice Stories featuring Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Little Rock, Knoxville, Atlanta and Orlando

9:00 pm Screening of the new Transformations video featuring George Otis

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
9:00 am Plenary Session#2: Marketplace Ministry City Reaching Stream featuring Bob Varney and Kent Humphreys

12:00 noon Birmingham City-Wide Prayer Rally in Kelly Ingram Park featuring local pastors and community leaders, John Perkins and George Otis, Jr.

1:00 pm Plenary Session #3: Christian Community Development City Reaching Stream featuring John Perkins

7:00 pm Plenary Session #4: Special Session featuring John Perkins and honoring him for fifty years of faithful ministry and celebrating his 80th birthday

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
9:00 am Plenary Session #5: Evangelism Focused City Reaching Stream featuring Paul Cedar presenting a Prayer / Care / Share lifestyle

1:00 pm Plenary Session #6: Convergence - How do these four approaches work together in city movements so that the whole church takes the whole gospel to the whole city?

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Kevin Moore, Mission Birmingham Facilitator
email: phone: 205-978-6012
Register today for the National City Impact Roundtable at!

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