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Advisory: Is Your CIty Ready?

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Is Your City Ready?

Christians should be at forefront of preparedness and response

(CEN, Sept. 28) PHOENIX, Ariz. – As residents slowly return to the communities hardest hit by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and towns hundreds of miles away and all points in between adjust to the influx of evacuees created by the storms, Christian Emergency Network (CEN) Founder and CEO Mary Marr said these circumstances point to the importance of each community being responsibly prepared for calamities, and for Christians to have individual, church, denominational, and congregational preparedness plans, as well as being primed in all ways to demonstrate calm and effective leadership in times of crisis.

Marr explained, “As churches in large cities in the U.S. responded to recent devastation, many for the first time without prior preparation, it causes each church and each Christian within our own cities to ask some strategic questions made necessary by the realization in the past month that civil authorities may not be fully able to meet the immediate needs of citizens.”

Marr added, “CEN prayerfully collaborated yesterday with Christian, municipal, state, denominational, congregational, church and media leaders to provide resources that are vital to a church and family’s survival. When each church and each individual Christian family is prepared to lead the way by first preparing for their own needs will they be positioned to help assist their community with a caring response that earns them the right to share the Gospel.”

Marr noted basic questions to consider now should a disaster strike your city include:

Do you have personal physical supplies to go to a shelter for 72 hours? To learn more, click here:
Do you know which churches are trained to operate as shelters? To learn more, click here:
Do you know how to prayerfully care for families in your church and city? To learn more, click here:
Do you know how to reach out with the Gospel in your city with spiritual aid? To learn more, click here:
If some city churches and ministries like Christian radio are wiped out in your city, do you know the back up plan? To learn of additional resources, click here:

Marr explained, “As CEN partners move forward during the next weeks and months, we will be exploring these key and added questions of preparedness for various agencies, organizations and entities responsible for emergency rescue and response. For comprehensive reviews of these questions, check the website regularly for resources to help you deal with these critical issues.”

Marr reminded Christian city and denominational leaders, including media, that as they themselves respond and choose how to prepare others to respond, they should so do according to the biblical precepts of prayer-care-share, the message and response adopted by CEN. Many national leaders thanked CEN for such timely assistance being provided them in their hour of need. Collaborative conference calls to prepare the greater Christian church city by city, church by church will continue.

Said Marr, “With the overwhelming presenting needs, we must constantly humble ourselves before God to ask for discernment in how to respond in prayer include:

Pray for the president and other national and local government officials as they seek to learn how to be better prepared in the future.
Pray for New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Eddie Compass resigned from his position on Tuesday. Pray for a replacement of God’s choosing.
Pray for businesses to be able to open despite damage from the storms and looting.
Pray for utility workers as they seek to restore power to cities all across the Gulf Coast, and inland areas affected by the storms.
Pray for protection from accident and disease for those who are returning to homes and businesses in affected areas.
Pray that as cities are rebuilt, that the church would be there to provide a spiritual foundation for the “new cities” as they rise from the devastation.
Pray for continued need for clothes, housing, jobs and other material needs by those trying to resettle in other cities across the country
Pray for a cooperative plan for disaster preparedness between churches in your city and civil officials.
Pray that your church would take seriously the need to have preparation plans in place.
Pray that Christians will take personal responsibility for their own and others preparedness needs for Kingdom expansion.
CEN Prayer tip for city’s without emergency plans in place; let CEN know how we may pray for you, your church, and your city. Email us:

To learn how you can pray for those in need and demonstrate the love of Christ, click here:

The work of the Salvation Army in Houston is a sterling example of how to provide care, said Marr. The Salvation Army has opened two shelters in the north Houston area that are currently housing more than 450 Houstonians who were unable to evacuate the city. At the shelters, the temporary residents are provided with cots to sleep on, hot meals and water as well as a sense of security.

CEN Care tip for those sheltering evacuees: consider adopting a “pet evacuee” for those you are sheltering to transition from the loss of their own pet.

To learn of additional ways to demonstrate the love of Christ by showing care, click here:

Meanwhile, Marr points to the outlook of Convoy of Hope worker Dave Auterson as an example of the long-term view a Christian must have to prepare to properly share the Gospel. Auterson said, “People are starting to ask ‘Where do we begin?’ and ‘How will we ever come back from this?’ I have to admit that I too have thought those things – until tonight when driving back to Baton Rouge; it struck me that the church has ALWAYS faced huge need and daunting tasks. And, because of that, we already know where and how we will do our work.”

CEN Share tip for those serving the needs in the affected areas: consider providing ample Higher Ground booklets. click here

To learn of additional ways to demonstrate the love of Christ by sharing your time, talents and treasure for the long run, click here:

Pray-Care-Share Inspiration
Scripture: “Trials have come so tat you faith may be proved genuine” (I Peter 1:6-7).
Outlook: Thought trials will come our way, we will trust in God through them all.
Song: “Through It Al,” by Andraé Crouch

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Christian Emergency Network leads Christians to intelligently pray for, sensitively care for, and strategically share the gospel with victims involved in a national emergency.

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