Friday, September 02, 2005

Rediscovering The BIble - Noted Lecturer Comes to Moody Church

Monday, September 19 @ 10am
Moody Church
Lunch to follow at Noon

Dr. Erwin Lutzer along with Dr. Scott Carroll of Rediscover Your Bible Seminars and Rev. Howard Robbins of On The Edge Ministries invite you to Moody Churches Whitfield Conference to hear Dr. Carroll.

Purpose: Rediscovering The Bible Seminar is designed to accomplish multiple purposes for the local Church and the Kingdom.

_ Reaffirm and reestablish the Authenticity, Authority and Trustworthiness of the Word of God.
_ To use the Historical aspect of the Artifact collection to reach out and appeal to the general public, along with local, private, parochial and home schooler’s.
_ An opportunity for believers to be exposed to and handle a collection worth over a Million and Half dollars of rare Artifacts from the time of Abraham to an original Erasmus Greek New Testament, Original Tyndale Bible and Original King James Bible, alone with other Rare Artifacts and Biblical Translations and portions.
_ Bringing Archeological relevance to the general public, so they can see the continued confirmation it brings to the Authenticity of The Word Of God.

To be Discussed: A coordinated plan to saturate the Chicago area Christian community and affect the secular society with a strong and authentic witness.

Speaker: Dr. Scott Carroll, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
_ Weekend long seminars in approximately 7-8 Churches in the Chicago Area after the first of the year.
_ Daily meetings for school children.
_ Friday evening Seminar on the The Da Vinci Code.
_ An all day Seminar Saturday on rare manuscripts, pointing out the Authority, Authenticity, and Centrality of the Word of God.
_ A Mars Hill debate Saturday evening and/or a Youth Outreach.

For more details on the September 19 conference and to make reservations call Rev. Howard Robbins @ 815-325-2855

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