Sunday, January 29, 2006

Surrounding Our State with Prayer

The following information is to let you know about a prayer journey around the state of Illinois for 40 days from February 6 to March 17.

James Nesbit, our Southern Illinois mobilizer, with a team of several other intercessors will be traveling the outer perimeter of Illinois, praying, interceding and holding meetings at various stops along the way. “A team of prophetic craftsmen will embark on a 40 Day - 40 City, Circle of Fire, Prayer Journey around the border of Illinois. The journey will be Monday, February 6th through Friday, March 17th, 2006. They will hold nightly prayer meetings in 40 cities along the border. During the day they will wait upon the Lord and visit strategic sites as He leads. They are also working on Spiritual mapping in these areas.”

For more information...
James Nesbit, Prepare the Way Ministries International
#12 South Clinton, New Baden, IL 62265

Thank you all for helping.
With Blessings, Pastor John Makan

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