Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Top 5 Worldwide Developments Transforming The Church

Five encouraging developments worldwide

Often the best news doesn't make it into the newspapers. At the start of 2006, Joel News International lists a simple top-5 of what we consider the most encouraging developments at this moment. Looking at what God is doing worldwide, we see:

1. an unprecedented growth of the prayer movement worldwide;
2. God's Spirit being poured out in many places, marked by conversion and miracles;
3. many new partnerships and networks are being formed on a city-, nation-and even continental level, linking prayer, saturation church planting and frontline missions;
4. more and more Christians, churches and ministries are engaging in a transformational process to bring godly change to their societies;
5. radically simple and innovative forms of church are springing up in many places, reaching the unreached.


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