Monday, March 13, 2006

Elgin House of Prayer & School of Worship

A Light, a Compass, and a Hand on the Road of Life

Watch of the Lord~
Each hour, teams of instrumentalists, singers and intercessors seek the Lord in praise and prayer asking God to restore His church and fulfill His promise and give the nations to Jesus as His inheritance. The Watch of the Lord is the centerpiece at Elgin�s House of Prayer. Our goal is to be open 24/7 for any person or group that wants to worship and pray individually or corporately. You are invited to drop in or stay for several hours!


Intercession - In this prayer format, we use the prayers of the apostles or prophetic promises to engage in intercession. We use the apostolic prayers to intercede for revival (general outpouring /visitation of the Spirit) on the whole church across the city (region) that the Lord highlights.

Prophetic Worship - This prayer format is designed to facilitate united group participation in worship so that we might receive the ministry of the Holy Spirit in specific ways. Our goal is to reach the highest experience of corporate worship, including ministry times for healing and deliverance.

Worship with the Word - This prayer format is designed to function as a discipleship program that provides mentoring and training in the Word. In other words, to function as a �singing seminary.� The worshipper is trained while on the job. Our desire is to raise up singing theologians or �theologian worship leaders.�

Devotional - This prayer format is designed to provide an anointed atmosphere for individuals to meditate on the Scriptures as they linger long in the presence of God. The worship songs and music style are devotional in focus so that we may sit at the feet of Jesus as Mary of Bethany did.

Weekly Meetings
Quiet Prayer Thursday, 11:00am � 12:00pm
Anna Intercessors Friday, 11:00am � 12:00pm
Monthly Events
Pastor�s Prayer Shield 1st Wednesday 11:00am � 12:00pm
24 Hour Prayer Watch 1st Friday 6:00am � 6:00am
Harp & Bowl Seminar 3rd Saturday 10:00am � 12:30pm
Call for complete schedule

Elgin�s House of Prayer is a ministry of Light & Life Ministries
270 East Chicago Street Elgin, IL (Eagles Nest Building)
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•Compass Regional Training Center (CRTC)
School of Worship - Davidic Dance Class begins Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Davidic Dance - Beginner 1, (8 weeks) - School of Worship
Davidic dance is praise and worship dance that combines Israeli folk and contemporary worship music to choreographed dance. Students will be learning basic steps such as the Mayim, Tcherkezi, the Yemenite and dances such as the Hora,Tzadik Katamar, Miserloo, Lo Ahavti Dai, Kibutz, and Baruch Ha Ba.

Instructor: Ann Rothmaler
Location: Light & Life Ministries, 3rd Floor
Day/Time: Tuesday 4:00 – 4:45 pm

CRTC classes are free-will offering based. Students are encouraged (but not required) to contribute finances that will help cover building costs, instructor honorarium, administrative expenses and ministry needs.

Please register at the first class, Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Compass Regional Training Center is a ministry of Light & Life Ministries and is located at 270 E. Chicago Street Elgin, Illinois (at Eagles Nest & Community Worship Center) Light & Life Ministries, 847- 695 - 5133

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