Monday, March 13, 2006

STRATEGIC PRAYER- Protect Marriage Illinois

Could you please pray for the Protect Marriage Illinois campaign to collect 283,111 signatures by April 20? Our greatest opportunity to date is getting volunteers out on March 21 to gather signatures at the polls.

The following are my prayers for God to do for the Christians and churches of Illinois what only He can do.

1. That God would open our eyes to our responsibilities as citizens.
2. That we would recognize that our voice in government is a stewardship given to us by God.
3. That God would raise up 24,000 volunteers on March 21 to collect signatures.
4. That God would raise an issue in the primary election that would bring record numbers to the polls.
5. That God would give us a beautiful day to bring out the voters.
6. That churches and pastors would stand for the truth of God's word even when it is divisive.
7. That God would restrain the gods of tolerance and unity who prey on Christians' ignorance of, and Churches' compromise of, God's truth.

Thank you, Dan Musick
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