Thursday, July 06, 2006

Free Water ~ Outreach @ Gay Games in Chicago: Update

Hey friends-
a friend and I were recently on a talk radio station in Chicago -

...thought you'd enjoy the update. Our church is spearheading an outreach to the gay & lesbian community duing the Gay Games in Chicago (July 15-22). We will be passing out water bottles with a website on them linking people to a website that shares the gospel in an interactive way and linking people to area churches. We will be simply sharing the love of Jesus in a non-confrontational, loving way. Please please please bathe this in prayer. This is a tremendous opportunity to be a light in a dark place and for God to be glorified. We need the body of Christ to be working together and we need your help in prayer.

God bless, Heather Froman

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Mrs "T" - Moody Church said...

Please pray & try to volunteer if you can. Contact Uptown Baptist or the Marin Foundation. Better yet, get a schedule of the events & prayerwalk around the venues. It is also suggested to attend events & just make friendly conversation with attendees. Build bridges, but do it gently! Thanks!