Friday, June 30, 2006

Pray Ch!cago ~ Wheaton Christian Center

A call to prayer

SEW Ministries is holding its next Night of Holy Fire at Wheaton Christian Center (WCC) on Friday July 28. It will be held at their church from 7pm until midnight. We are again inviting the churches of the region and the people of prayer to join us on that night to worship and pray for the needs of WCC.

To remind some of you, we pick churches and lavish them with prayerful support as an act that is designed to encourage unity across denominational lines; giving us opportunity to climb into the trenches with each other, sharing our burdens.

As a part of our usual preparation, we ask that as often as you can over the next 30 days, you hold WCC up in prayer. Included below is an extensive list of their prayer needs as they perceive them.

As a word of encouragement for you and the effectiveness of your prayers, our previous 30 days of prayer and night of Holy Fire, which was for New Life Community Church on January 13, was a miraculous success! New Life still remembers that month as a pivotal time that helped them breakout in every area prayed for by you. To learn more about the ways they were touched by their night of Holy Fire, click here to view testimonials and listen to music from that evening.

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. Bio information about Wheaton Christian Center and there mission statement
. To submit feedback you have as a result of your prayers for WCC or for the region.
. To listen to our worship team sing the prayer needs of WCC as an aid to pray along with.
. To register as committed prayer partner of prayer for the region and its churches.
. To learn how you can bring a night of Holy Fire to your church.
. To learn more about SEW Ministries.

Night of Holy Fire Prayer Requests For Wheaton Christian Center

WCC Administration

1. That the staff and volunteer leaders of WCC will have the wisdom of God
2. That the ministry is fully staff with the best people to fulfill WCC's mission
3. The we have favor with outside vendors, business contacts, and local government officials
4. That we operate in God abundant supply of financial and people resources
5. That the staff and volunteer leaders of WCC will experience and increase in anointing and receive the special grace of God for ministry
6. That the staff and volunteers of WCC would prosper in their personal lives

Men of Excellence Men's Ministry

1. That the men of WCC will be men of:
a. Identity - A MOE (man of excellence) must know who he is in Christ, as God created him to be.
b. Personal Holiness - A MOE is committed to positional (in Christ) and progressive (in deed) holiness. He constantly pursues God's moral standard.
c. Family - A MOE is committed to loving (affection and benevolence) and protecting his wife and children with his life.
d. Brotherhood - A MOE realizes that he needs other godly men in his life, and is committed to eternal covenant relationship with his brother.
e. Courage - A MOE is afraid of nothing and cannot be intimidated by his enemies.
f. Strength - A MOE can absolutely accomplish anything through Christ who strengthens him.
g. Stewardship - A MOE owns nothing, but exercises stewardship over, and multiplies God's resources for the establishing of God's Kingdom. He is committed to being a blessing to those in need.
2. Revival in the hearts of men in the church - that men in the church will fall totally in love with Jesus and become true worshipers of God
3. That men in the church will take their rightful place of leadership in the Kingdom
4. That men will take their rightful place of leadership as patriarchs in the families
5. That men will love their wives as Christ loves the church
6. That men will raise their children in the fear of God, and in the nurture and admonition of the Lord
7. That men will be blessed and prosper as providers for their families
8. That the Men of Excellence Men's Ministry would begin to righteously impact society
9. That God will visit the Excellent Men's Conference August 3rd - 5th

Carol Stream Christian Academy
1. That the students, faculty, and staff of CSCA will be blessed of God
2. That the academy has an abundance of financial resources
3. That the academy will be fully enrolled (70 students)
4. That the Kingdom of God will go forth in and through the academy
5. That the students of the academy will obtain the mind of Christ
6. That students of the academy would live as witnesses for the Lord Jesus
7. That the students of the academy will be true worshipers of God

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