Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pray! Chicago . . .

As a member of the Board, I join with Jon in asking you to pray for the South Asian Friendship Center on the near north side of Chicago. This is real spiritual warfare, and I hope you will pray and ask others to pray as well. Also, please pray for an Islamic study group several of us hope to start in the fall in the western suburbs of Chicago - a joint venture of the Billy Graham Center's Islamic Department, and the Missions Leadership Network. A steering committee is being formed at the present time. Blessings, Larry Kendrick

We received the following note Thursday afternoon from Samuel Naaman our Executive Director and Mark Engle one of our other key leaders within the South Asian Friendship Center ministry located along Devon Avenue on the north side of Chicago. Over nearly ten years of ministry we have seen God touch lives and rejoiced as numerous Muslims and Hindus have experienced our Living God in a personal way. As often happens the enemy has taken a
shot at this ministry in the midst of its effectiveness. We invite you to join us in prayer as we Live the Call together and run into this spiritual darkness with the power of the everlasting light.

Jon Rich, For the SAFC Board

Our Muslim Landlord Says We Must Go!
We just left a meeting with our Muslim landlord to discuss the renewal of the South Asian Friendship Center August. Due to accusations from the community that things said at the Center are a blasphemy and insult to Islam, the landlord said that he absolutely will not renew our lease. For those of you who received our most recent newsletter, you already know this was not entirely a surprise.

While this is a cause for concern, at the same time we are encouraged that through this the Lord is clearly directing us to find a more suitable place where we will have no constraints against sharing the Lord Jesus Christ openly. At this crucial juncture in our ministry, we ask
that you rejoice and pray with us. We are open to buy or lease at another location in this marketplace of the Muslim and Hindu immigrants from South Asia.

Over the last nine years our monthly lease has been quite reasonable for this neighborhood ($900 we are only seeing spaces that lease for roughly double that amount. Again, we solicit your support for prayer as we trust our Lord for a solution.

Samuel Namman
Mark Engle
South Asian Friendship Center

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