Thursday, June 22, 2006

Evangelism Leadership Training Clinic

Imagine 4,464,318 new believers were added to the church worldwide in 2005 through the Evangelism Explosion ministry!

How did this happen?

Evangelism Explosion programs in local churches and mission fields not only trained 232,265 believers to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but sent them out to do it! That's how! Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Through EE, God’s people are learning to share the Word of God in a way in which others can hear it, and by God’s grace, He gives the increase. Your church, your ministry, your mission field can be part of this evangelism explosion, too!

The Evangelism Explosion ministry at The Moody Church has enlivened our witness of Christ and drawn new believers into the church. With gratitude to God for these blessings, we open our doors and invite you to join us as we host an Evangelism Explosion Leadership Training Clinic, August 7-11, 2006.

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