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Amazing Grace Sunday, February 18, 2007

Movie: Amazing Grace to be released - February 18, 2007

On Sunday, February 18, I invite you to join churches around the globe in singing the treasured hymn, Amazing Grace. The significance of this occasion is to commemorate the work of William Wilberforce, a courageous evangelical who two-hundred years ago faced down the powerful men of his day to facilitate the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire. His mentor was John Newton, the slave-trader-turned-song-writer, whose words influenced Wilberforce, and continue to resonate today in the lyrics of Amazing Grace.

Today the fight to end slavery continues. It's estimated that 27 million people are currently in slavery around the world. From forced child labor to bonded labor and sexual servitude, millions are suffering and need evangelicals to speak out on their behalf. On February 18, Amazing Grace Sunday is a wonderful opportunity for the church to make our voice heard.

We ask that you set aside a few moments of your worship service on February 18 to sing Amazing Grace and to commit yourselves once again to speak for the oppressed. The Amazing Grace Sunday website (www.amazinggracesunday.com) offers several valuable resources including an opportunity to register your participation, lyrics to a new arrangement of the hymn by Christian artist Chris Tomlin and bulletin inserts about the hymn, which you are free to download and print for your congregation.

In addition, a major motion picture, with the same title as the hymn Amazing Grace, (www.amazinggracemovie.com) about the work of William Wilberforce will open in theaters across the country on February 23. You can also learn more about the fight to end modern day slavery at the partner campaign, Amazing Change (www.theamazingchange.com). The World Evangelical Alliance has also provided resources for churches. We encourage you to make use of these wonderful resources.

We look forward to your participation and show of solidarity on February 18 and in the days of work ahead. The NAE has been recognized by the “abolition movement” of today as one organization, through our Office of Governmental Affairs, that has been a premier leader in passing anti-trafficking legislation. We believe your involvement in this effort is a signal of NAE’s continuing commitment to the fight to end modern-day slavery



Leith Anderson
National Association of Evangelicals

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