Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Moody Church: Praying for "The Event of the Century"

Happy New Year!!

The Lord laid prayer on my heart for 2007, and we have over 200 people signed up to have a special full hour of prayer every week in 2007, What is more, our prayer meetings in January are dedicated to Pops...Parents Of Prodigals ... the attendance has doubled and the Holy Spirit is leading us in an energetic spirit filled way to pray for Prodigals who have wondered from the faith or perhaps were never saved.

Never in my days at Moody Church have I ever seen such faith, such determination and such worship and prayer. In the two weeks we've done this, we have not come close to praying for all the prodigals ... I ask one person to come and pray for each prodigal and then I pray also, along with giving parents instructions about forgiveness, their part in reconciliation, etc. dozens of people have taken the names to fast for one day a week in prayer for the names of the children. We are risking everything on the promises of God!

On Sunday mornings I am preaching a series titled; When God Comes to Church, these are 5 messages one from each chapter of I Thessalonians, listing the characteristics of a living revived church from that chapter. I really sense as do others that Moody is on the verge of something we pray.

This fall, I had people pray for something at Moody that we\'ve not seen before; to lift our eyes beyond the usual to the unusual -- to believe God for great things. We as a staff had Dr. John Woodbrige here recently and he gave a lecture on the revival of 1858---which a secular historian called The Event of the Century!! I knew about the revival but I had to be reminded that God had done such great things in Chicago.

Blessings and love for the New Year, Pastor Erwin Lutzer

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