Thursday, November 29, 2007

Take a Stand - Boycott "The Golden Compass"

Church of Scotland Rejects 'Golden Compass' Boycott Calls
The Church of Scotland is going against the tide of opposition to the soon-to-be-released movie “The Golden Compass“ by rejecting calls for its boycott and saying it is instead "looking forward to a major cinematic event this ...

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JP Paulus said...

Instead of a "boycott", for a movie you might not see anyway, how about this:

Encourage friends who are talking about seeing it to save their money for a "better" movie.

Especially if you are talking with parents who want to take their kids...National Treasure 2, which opens 2 weeks later, is a better alternative.

It's not Christian, but "safe". If it's anything like the original, there will NOT be sex, swearing or excessive violence (some gun shooting & a man falling into a black abyss in thd 1st one). It takes some liberties with history, but won't offend like DaVinci code, and may spark some interest in looking up the real history.

So encourage those interested in Golden Compass to instead save their money and time for National Treasure! (there will be other movies coming out, so again, emphasize the time & money factor).