Sunday, December 02, 2007

reStart ~ A New Strategy in Chicago Church Planting

...An amazing story of New Life Community, Pastor Mark Jobe and what their church has done to partner with dying churches in urban Chicago. I’m inspired and excited…..this needs to be what is happening in all of our city centers. Mark had this video produced because he gets contacted weekly by churches in Chicago who are calling to find out if he’ll come and share this vision with their deacons and elder boards. AMAZING!!!!

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1 comment:

JP Paulus said...

i would call those "resurrections" instead of restarts....sounds mor ebiblical :)

And really, in some parts of Chicago, THAT is what is needed, NOT yet another church.

I live near 79th & King Drive , and Mapquest says there are 80 different churches with in 1 mile!!!!

Some of those churches need to e resurrected with new and abundant life!