Tuesday, May 06, 2008

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Hi Phil,

I found your email address via a Google search that led me to your blog "One Great City - Chicago."

I see that your fellow blogger on said blog posted a link on 4/11/08 regarding The Call Jerusalem event (which happens this coming Sun, May 11). His profile (ccnews.org) isn't public (I don't blame him -- I tend to be guarded about what info I leave in vast public view on the internet), so I'm emailing you. I just posted a comment to this blog entry noting that I'm part of a group that's facilitating a live simulcast of the The Call Jerusalem prayer event downtown -- a place where Chicagoland believers can gather together to pray and fast alongside those in Jerusalem and "participate" via live webstream of the Jerusalem event. Based on briefly looking at your blog and checking out your profile, letting you know about this seemed like an appropriate reason to contact you :)

The reason I'm writing is that I'm trying to get the word out as much as possible. While I posted a comment to your blog, it's in last months archives. Given the intent of your blog, I'm requesting that perhaps you could post an entry either with the info below, or the summary info I put in my 4/11/08 blog post comment (name: jonathan) and a link to the website with full info: http://zofim.us/may11chicago/



On Sunday, May 11th, thousands of Jewish and Gentile (non-Jewish) people of every age will gather in a stadium in downtown Jerusalem to fast and pray. The event is called The Call - Jerusalem, held in the spirit of the prophet Joel who called Israel to consecrate a fast, call a sacred assembly, and come together and weep, imploring the Lord to relent from judgment, to deliver and save, and to even leave behind a blessing becuase His people turned to Him with their whole hearts.

For twelve hours, from 10am to 10pm Israel time, they will seek the Lord in repentance, intercession, and worship, for revival and deliverance for Israel and for all peoples of the Middle East. They will seek Him boldly and desperately for the Peace of Jerusalem in these critical days.

Those in Chicagoland have an unprecedented opportunity to join together LIVE with The Call Jerusalem via a video and audio simulcast, to be held in downtown Chicago on the campus of the Moody Bible Institute. Space has been made available for hundreds to gather together from 2am - 2pm (10-10 Jerusalem time) on May 11th, at Moody's Solheim Athletic Center, to join with those in Israel in this concert of prayer. This event is free and is open to all. Participants need not register before-hand, and may attend for any or all of the twelve-hour fast.

Please consider coming downtown and participating in what we believe will be a significant day in the history of Israel and the nations--when His people turned to Him to pray and seek His face.

Please find attached a flyer with further details about the event. You are more than welcome to print and distribute the flyer to help us get the word out! Any questions should be directed to May11Chicago@gmail.com. For more information, see:



For Zion's sake,

The Congregation Adat HaTikvah Young Adult Community, et. al.

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