Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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The all day event will be held at the Pointe Christian Outreach Center located between Sam's Club and Target in Crystal Lake. The event will begin at 8:30 am and finish at 2:30 pm which includes two breaks and a lunch.
Under a separate email, I will send pdf's of promotional materials that you can use as you see fit. We will only be able to accommodate 95 attendees at the Pointe. We will be promoting the event to over 800 families in addition to the various Christian elementary schools in the area. Brochures, post cards, posters and emails will be used to contact the prospective audience.
The simulcast offers a wonderful opportunity for Christian parents to bring their friends and relatives to an event where they will be able to hear the great message of Christ and how it can be part of the parenting process.
The cost will be $25 per individual or $40 per couple. The fees cover learning materials and food items for the breaks and lunch.
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Please have any interested individuals call me at 815 459 5907 or via email at
Thank you in advance for you help.
God's blessings...
Bob Dorn
Director of Outreach, Immanuel Lutheran
815 459 5907 / 815 575 4745 Cell

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