Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chicagoland's World-Class Worship & Arts Conference

Karitos Worship & Arts Conference

An open letter to leaders on the significance of the arts in today’s church:

For many of us in the church, the way we do ministry has changed dramatically in recent years. This is due to new technology, new methods of communication, and in many ways, a new type of listener in the pew. Allow me to elaborate on this last point. I’ll begin by quoting from a position paper issued in 2004 by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization:

“At a time when communication has abandoned the age of the orator,
we now find ourselves, culturally speaking, in the age of the artist.”

Karitos grew out of a desire, voiced on a talk show on a Chicago Christian radio station in the fall of 1994, to know what God was doing in the arts. What we’ve found in our 15-year existence is simply this: God is doing exciting things, powerful things. Global Christian leaders have also recognized this as evidenced by the above quote.

More and more pastors in the local church are recognizing it, too. Across the country, growing churches are tapping into the effectiveness of the arts to capture peoples’ hearts and to open those hearts to the timeless message of Christ.

We would like to invite you to consider Karitos 2009. It’s a great place to experience for yourself what God is doing in the arts, and to learn how you can incorporate the arts into your ministry. It’s also an excellent place to send your key people for hands-on, reasonably priced training in all areas of the arts. If you want more information you can call us at 847/925-8018.

Serving Christ and His Church,

Rev. Bob Hay, Director

P.S. If you are a Senior Pastor, we invite to come as our guest.

This letter in PDF format

This letter in Word format

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