Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Live Interview with Phil Miglioratti on Community Transformation

Austin Arise! Radio. Transforming Revival Radio with Benjamin & Barbara
Austin Arise! Radio Interviews Phil Miglioratti this Sunday @ 8PM CST (9 eastern, 7 mountain, 6 pacific) on FM 99.3 & 98.5

Tune in this Sunday, June 21 at 8:00PM as we interview Phil Miglioratti, pastor, city-reacher, and prayer facilitator, on Austin Arise! Transforming Revival Radio with Benjamin Anyacho & Barbara Bucklin, The Word, FM 99.3 and 98.5, Teaching and Talk for Austin and central Texas.

Theme: So there was great joy in that city.
Is "joy" the secret to city impact and community transformation? Acts 8:8

Listen on line: or
Time: Sundays at 8:00PM CST (9 eastern, 7 mountain, 6 pacific)
Call in: 512-637-WORD (9673)

What is Austin Arise! Transforming Revival Radio & TV? We hear a sound of abundance of rain! Austin Arise! is chronicling signs of spiritual awakening and transforming revival in Austin area. Blessing the city through the media gate. Sharing stories of genuine kingdom collaborations and strategic partnerships in Austin area. Attending to prayer requests, raising awareness of prayer needs in our communities since July 1, 2007.

Watch out for upcoming interviews in the coming weeks with Dr. J. Doug Stringer, Francis Frangipane, and others .

Simply put: We are at a tipping point of a transforming revival in Austin area!

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Benjamin Anyacho & Barbara Bucklin (co-hosts)
Sunday June 21: Austin Arise Radio! Special guest: Phil Miglioratti
Phil serves nationally as a National Facilitator with the Cities and Communities ministry of the Mission America Coalition, coordinates the 17 Loving Our Communities to Christ partner cities and has been national convener for the City Impact Roundtable ( In his hometown, he networks community transformation ministries at One Great City)
Sunday June 28: Austin Arise Radio! Special guest: Dr. J. Doug Stinger.
Doug Stringer Dr. J. Doug Stringer is founder and president of Turning Point Ministries International, which birthed an international movement known as Somebody Cares, a network of organizations impacting their communities through unified grassroots efforts. Doug began identifying community needs through his work in the inner-city of Houston, Texas in 1981. The collaborative network has grown rapidly and now impacts cities around the world.
Sunday July: Austin Arise Radio! Special guest: Francis Frangipane.
Francis Frangipane Pastor Francis Frangipane is one of my all-time favorite Christian writers. He rightly divides the Word and his wisdom abounds; his humble spirit is found in the essence of his writings. Terrific author of 16 books
"I know of few prophetic voices to the body of Christ that match the consistency of wisdom and balance of truth that Francis Frangipane represents. His pastor's heart and biblical solidity flavor his writing and nourish souls unto health while calling us all to God's purposes in this present hour. " Jack W. Hayford, President, International Foursquare Church, Chancellor, The King's College and Seminary
Pastor Francis' new book: Francis Frangipane-new bookWhen the Many are One

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