Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All Together in Lake County

baton handoff

"Something amazing is happening here in Lake County", one participant commented to me during last week's Catalyst Forum. I agreed.

Over 350 people from more than 50 different churches, ministries and community organizations come together for a time of spiritual refreshment and relationship-building. No crisis necessary; no other affinity point beyond the beautiful name of Jesus Christ. It was remarkable to see people from their 20's through their 70's, men and women, many ethnic groups, all together under one roof praying, laughing, worshiping, learning, eating and talking. A good number of the churches represented have come together in recent years to do all sorts of service projects in the county; others gather for prayer. But the Catalyst Forum is a unique opportunity for all sorts of Christ-following people to simply be together as a body.

A church staffer said,"I made some amazing connections and really heard God's voice with clarity about my own heart and life before Him."

A ministry leader added, "What a blessed day it was for me to hear God's word and hear keynote speakers, and get fired up about what God is doing in Lake County." Another church staffer told us, "It's energizing to see the church coming together to restore His reputation!"

Yes, it is.

I'm grateful to serve Him together with each one of you. Have a blessed Thanksgiving

Michelle Van Loon
Michelle Van Loon, Director of Communications, Catalyst

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