Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Flag Your Praying

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Dear Phil,
Into Flame Workshop
I'm not sure if you have seen the www.Pray4YourBlock.org site lately, but the simple act of posting a flag on the site's map to show your commitment to praying for your neighbors is slowly spreading across the country. There are even flags posted in Canada and the Dominican Republic!

Part of the reason is that Christian leader Ed Stetzer blogged about it last week while in Chicago (Read Ed's blog here).

Let's continue to encourage one another to pray for our neighbors:
  1. If you personally have not "raised your prayer flag" yet - please go to the site and do it now. There are resources on the site that can guide you as you continue (or begin) praying for your block.
  2. AFTER you have done this yourself, start inviting others on the leadership team at your church. Visit the site to see the neighborhoods around your church fill up with flags.
  3. After your core leaders are committed, invite your whole congregation to join in. Contact us if you'd like a bulletin insert you can share with your congregation.
  4. Continue praying, and watch for God at work in your community!

Praying for Revival & Renewal,
Debbie Stackhouse

Director of Renewal, Catalyst

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