Sunday, July 31, 2005

Chicago Loop Prayerwalk - Report & Photos

[Tony and Donna Danhelka are being used by the Lord to bring together a diverse group of eight high impact evangelical pastors from across Chicagoland. The prayerwalk referred to in this note included intercessors from the eight churches. For OGC, Phil Miglioratti]

The Prayer walk was wonderful... thank all of you for your help on all of this... we could not have done it the way it was done without each of you... it was incredibly Spirit lead and wonderful... the Lord led us to end the morning walk at a statue in the Midway area of the 1893 Fair which is now a large open park... no one knew the statute would be there... it is very large and looks like a knight in armor on a horse... part of the inscriptions were " Jesus before Caesar" and "The truth shall prevail" ... we were amazed by this and very blessed as we knew the Lord had led us to end there... it was His confirmation that He loves Chicago and is working out His Redemption and Restortation here in Chicago... He has us on His mind!!!

Blessings, Tony & Donna

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