Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Prayer Furnace presents "Passion for the Trinity"

"PASSION FOR THE TRINITY" with Sam Shamoun - July 22, 23, 24, 2005

Friday at 7:30pm; Saturday 10am & 3pm; Sunday at 10am Come and get ignited for an encounter and a deeper understanding of the Triune God. Through this biblical experience you'll gain a heart for the very nature of YHWH. Sam Shamoun is a brilliant apologist with a unique gift for imparting to the Body of Christ a deep understanding of YHWH in His Triune nature. He has a widespread ministry to Muslims and writes for the www.answering-islam.org website. He is affiliated with the South Asian Friendship Center here in Chicago and has debated with Muslims nationally in the secular university arena as well. Born in Kuwait of nominal Christian parents, Sam Shamoun is a Middle-Eastener who met and preached for Jesus at a very early age. Sam was drawn by the anti-Trinitarian message of Islam that almost caused him to become a Muslim. By God's mercy, the Holy Spirit re-awakened Sam's love for Jesus even as he was studying the Qur'an. A passionate believer, for more the 12 years Sam has had a tremendous love and zeal for studying, powerfully teaching and defending the doctrine of the Trinity. Please join us as the Holy Spirit uses Sam to re-ignite your "Passion for the Trinity." The Prayer Furnace Chicago
3541 N. Elston Ave.
Chicago IL 60618

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