Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Geneva: Pastoral Care & Schools

Greetings to all of you clergy,

Yesterday the 19 at Methodist church we had the privilege to meet Elene Haas the new director of pastoral care at Geneva Provina Care Center. She is looking for ministers to see the patients there and hold services as well as minister one on one.

Pastor Bill < from Methodist > shared with us the wonderful opportunity to be a blessing at the Geneva Schools and will be getting us more information about the need the for faith based help in the district. We will get you information as it comes he is on the committee and it is a wonderful idea to get involved with our young folks in Geneva..

I was voted in as our President and Karen as the secretary we have a desire to see you all come and be a part of the Association. Do you have any ideas how we can improve our place in our community, and how about schedules? Can we set dates to get together? Todd Burnett Delnor Chaplain will be bringing someone in Nov from the Wellness center looking for pastoral care there.

Another note ... we'd like to start a newsletter for the Geneva Ministry "team" with NOV being the starting date. We will be looking for information as to what's new and happening in your ministries or possibly a word form a local pastor perhaps like a "pastor to pastor" subject ?? Perhaps an outreach available or needs social etc...

God Bless you and Your Ministries and God Bless Geneva
In service to you always, Pastor Theresa

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