Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pastor Randy Schoof - Aurora's Born Again Biker

From: "Randy Schoof"

Phil, thanks for this article about the CMA in Great Britain. God is at work all over in the biker community!

This Sunday I'll not be at our usual worship gathering, but instead I'll be here http://www.abate-il> .org/Dukane/toyrun-fullpage.jpg .

Five years ago the Lord spoke pretty clearly to me about incarnational ministry - that as a Christian I needed to be building relationships with those who are far from God. So I joined the local (DuKane) chapter of ABATE, which is a national motorcyclist right organizations. Mostly Harley-type guys and gals. I've been at most of the monthly meetings at the St. Charles VFW since - and the Lord has provided many ministry opportunities. Last Saturday I did the blessing at the Braidwood Toy Run - it was a blast telling about 200 bikers about Jesus' love and forgiveness, and then praying for 'em all - that God would work in their lives.

This Sunday there will probably be about 700 - 1000 bikes. No public bike blessing, but a bunch of born-again bikers will be serving to help make the event happen. Businesses sponsor kegs of beer - but the Warehouse Church sponsors port-a-potties. One time at a chapter meeting they were thanking the sponsors, they mentioned that we paid for a couple port-a-potties, and someone from the back of the room shouted "hey, that's some really holy sh&#!" Pretty funny, and they know that believers in Jesus care about them.

Wow, I didn't plan on writing a book here... but if you would keep us in prayer for this Sunday, that the Lord will pro> vide many opportunities to show His love, and for conversations about Him. Thanks Phil!

in Jesus' love, Randy

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anonymously yours said...

Please pray for someone who is an occasional biker (who was more active years ago) to be saved. I became attached to him as a friend & of course prayed for his salvation. But as a woman, I felt I should distance myself from him. So I'm asking you to pray that other Christians who are better witnesses than me would be put in his path & he would get saved!!