Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pure Excitement in Aurora

Pure Excitement - Joe White in Aurora, IL Nov. 13th

I am so excited to be coming back to the Chicago area to do the youth crusade on the subject of sexual purity on Sunday, November 13th at Aurora Christian School, 2255 Sullivan Road, Aurora, IL beginning at 6:00 p.m.

I have the privilege of traveling to many cities with a couple of very talented Christian recording artists to do this one-evening event for your teens. The Lord has really blessed these events, and by the grace of God, we are able to help each teenager who attends sign a “Purity Covenant” and learn what it means to be truly sexually pure, and to dedicate themselves and their morals to their future spouse and to the Lord of their life.

If you are connected to any junior high or high school kids, or know some in your circle of friends, it would be great if you could encourage them to attend.

Please follow the link below to get more information or buy tickets on line.

I hope to see you all in Aurora.

Sincerely in Christ, Joe White

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