Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Loving Our Communities to Christ - Leaders with a Citywide Vision Take Note!

Chicagoland City-Reachers -- Hold These Dates! --

April 2-5, 2006

Annual City Impact Roundtable


Collaborating Practioners of city or regional movements of prayer, unity and outreach, leaders of congregations and organizations, men & women with marketplace callings, intercessors.


Cedar Rapids, Iowa, home to a longstanding city-reaching movement, and a delightful place to visit in the spring!


The CIR will begin @ 1:30 Monday, April 3rd and conclude at noon Wednesday, April 5 (no lunch). Attendees of any former CIR are welcome to join us for pre-CIR fellowship and prayer Sunday night, April 2 @ 7:30 and Monday 9 AM to noon.


The CIR has four components--

1) Plenary Presentations and/or Panel Dialogues

** Francis Frangipane, longtime resident of Cedar Rapids, will be one of our keynote speakers. Additional presenters are still under consideration.

** Panel: "Cities Breaking Through, and Why"

2) City Models

We have current commitments from Cedar Rapids, and the unique regional model developing in El Paso TX, Las Cruces NM and Juarez MEXICO. Three additional cities are under consideration.

3) Relevant Workshops & "Table-Talks" (@ meals)

~~ What Veteran City-Reachers Wish Emerging Cityreachers Knew
~~ Unique Dynamics of the Mega-City Movement
~~ Initiating & Implementing Mission America's "LC2C" strategy
("Loving our Communities to Christ")
-- Righteousness and Justice, Essential Issues for City Transformation
~~ Global Day of Prayer & 90 Days of Blessing (June 4)
-- City AIDS Summits, gathering pastors and Christian leaders in cities in the
Fall of 2006
~~ Building Strategic Partnerships with Marketplace Ministers
~~ "Trench-Talk:" Issues Common to Veteran City-Reachers

4) Roundtable, Intra-City Dialogues

Sitting @ tables with leaders from different cities, sharing journeys, hearing God & discerning relevant take-aways.


A reasonable registration (TBA) will be charged to cover meals & conference expenses. Hotels and motels in Cedar Rapids are cheap and lovely! Full shuttle service will be provided to and from the airport.

Please give serious thought and prayer to participating in the 2006 CIR. For maximum benefit, we strongly advise that at least three leaders from your city mix take this in together. Five to seven is even better. If you or fellow city team members plan on coming, simply hit REPLY right now to indicate your intent to participate.

The following are serving on the current CIR Design Team: Tom White (Corvallis, OR), Jarvis Ward (Pearl MS), Glenn Barth (Minneapolis MN) Charles Daugherty (Cedar Rapids), Lynn Heatley (South CA), Tony Danhelka (Chicago), Barney Field (El Paso), and Minh Chau (Washington D.C.). Please pray for us as we seek the Lord for His final touches on the CIR.

"Thy kingdom come!"

Tom White
Convener, City Impact Roundtable

Jarvis Ward
City & Communities Team, Mission America

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