Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New Motion Picture Screenings ~ Dare to Make Contact

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of the motion picture END OF THE SPEAR, opening January 20 at Chicagoland theatres and across the country.

Film website: www.endofthespear.com
Ministry Resource website: www.daretomakecontact.com

As Chicago Representative for END OF THE SPEAR, I am calling upon the churches in Chicagoland to arrange DVD screenings for influential church leaders and youth group ministers. These screenings are to take place now through December. The purpose of these screenings is ultimately for these leaders to organize large group ticket sales for the opening weekend of January 20. If a church is interested in a DVD screening, here is my contact information:
Margo Lange
email: margo@capstonefilmreleasing.com
office phone: 630-480-0799
cell: 630-440-8391
home: 630-462-7479

Thanks again Phil. Your assistance is deeply appreciated and welcomed, Margo Lange

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