Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Note From Phil...

City Reachers & Prayer Warriors Rejoice!

Your efforts over the years at praying for and working towards the whole Church showing and telling the whole Gospel to the whole City, community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, have not gone unheard by the Lord nor unnoticed by the Spirit ~

•School of the Prophets meets monthly in the Austin community, bridging the gap of urban/suburban, black/white

•PUSLE brings church leaders together in the Naperville community

•Catalyst is casting a vision across Lake County for collaborative evangelism (over 150 met for a day of inspiration, instruction and interaction this past week)

•Three city reaching facilitation teams line the Fox Valley from Aurora to Tri-Cities (St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia) to Elgin.

•Eight "Anchor Church" pastors have been meeting this past year with the intention of calling hundreds of pastors together to work together for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom

•Several thousand saints met for an evening of prayer in the UIC Pavilion, hosted by a network of pastors that have been praying together out of a John 17:23 vision; black and white; city and suburb

•Several Houses of Prayer are recruiting intercessors for 24/7 prayer on behalf of the church and the city, such as the Furnace in Chicago and the HOP in Elgin

•A citywide gathering of pastors is underway for March that will call for a return to the supremacy of Christ

•The Mission America Coalition, through "Loving Our Communities to Christ," will bring national resources (denominations and servant ministries) to Fox Valley's community transformation efforts

•A new Prayer Summit Leadership Team has formed that will once again offer a citywide/regionwide prayer gathering

•Pastors' Prayer Groups continue to meet for prayer, fellowship, and meeting the needs of lost neighbors (Add your praying group to our internet directory ~ Click the headline and type in your information)

•...and there is more - Meetings and activities you can add to this list (Email your report to me at

The vision of "One Church, Many Locations, Diverse Expressions" is seeping into the DNA of the Church, one pastor at a time, one prayer warrior at a time, one community organizer at a time . .

Keep praying.
Keep communicating.
Keep anticipating...

Phil Miglioratti, for One Great City

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